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News / Events

  1. Best Budget Android Phones in 2020 - Under $250 in Australia

    While flagship phones make headlines around the world for the latest innovation and technologies, it doesn't mean that you can't get a solid smartphone if you are on a budget. Sure, you might miss out on the latest features such as as super slow mo and reverse wireless charging, and you'll struggle to run the most graphic intensive games on them, but they are still able to perform well for general use such as calls, watching videos. In the last few years, many budget smartphones have adopted features such as minimum bezel designs and Dual SIM that were traditionally only found in higher end smartphones, making 2020 the perfect time to score a budget phone. In this post, we round up some of the cheap smartphone options that pack a punch for the price.

    Meizu M6T

    Meizu has always been one to make great phones on a budget, and the Meizu M6T showcases the amount of hardware that can be packed in a budget phone. Dual SIM 4G/3G slots, 5.7 inch touch screen, and Octa-Core CPU

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  2. Huawei's Commitment to You

    Huawei's Commitment to You

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  3. Huawei Trade Ban: Statements and Updates from Huawei and Google

    Huawei google android update

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  4. Wireless Earbuds Roundup

    Which Wireless Earbuds suit you?

    It's 2019, and the headphone jack has gone the way the Dodo. With its passing, there has been a huge boom in wireless headphones and earbuds. Here are some of the top options to pick from in 2019.

    Apple Airpods

    Originally released in December 2016, AirPods are a fashion statement as well as a great peice of technology, especially those that use iPhones. Using the proprietry Apple W1 chip, these earphones offer additional connectivity options that can only be accessed with an Apple device, with limited settings and options acessible from non Apple devices, a huge drawback for Android users. With about 5 hours of playtime in the earbuds and an additional 19 hours of charge available in the case, Apple AirPods remain a great choice for any consumer.

    Huawei Freebuds

    Huawei's answer to AirPods, the Huawei Freebuds were released in late 2018, but unlike AirPods, the Freebuds offer a full IEM experience, with balanced

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  5. The More You Know - Frequency Bands, why do they matter?

    What are Frequency bands?

    Phones communicate with mobile towers using radio waves, like how a television works. As our cities are flooded with waves from radio, television, wifi and other devices, governments strictly control the frequencies on which mobile phones are allowed to operate. These are known as frequency bands. If you wish to use your phone overseas, or with different carriers, it is important to ensure your device supports as many frequency bands as possible.

    Australian Frequency Bands

    Australia's three major carriers currently share the majority of frequency bands, but there are some key differences.

    Telstra (Boost, Aldi, Belong etc)

    Telstra and resellers use a wide variety of bands in the 3G/4G spectrum. To ensure the best coverage, make sure your device supports the following bands.

    3G - 850 Mhz, 2100 Mhz

    4G - 2100Mhz (B1), 1800Mhz (B3), 2600Mhz

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  6. The More You Know - Fingerprint vs Face ID vs Face Unlock - What's it all about?

    For many years now phones have come with the humble Fingerprint reader as the preferred method for securely access your phone. Recently however, there have been developments with newer technologies like FaceID, Iris scanning and in-screen fingerprint readers becoming more common. Today we will try to explain the differences between each of these.


    First introduced by Apple in 2017 with the iPhone X, FaceID replaced the previous Fingerprint reader based TouchID. Using what Apple calls a 'True Depth' camera system, the iPhone uses a small infrared light to projector over 30,000 points of light invisibly onto your face. These are mapped by the front-facing camera, and then stored securely on the phone. In practice its pretty magical, a quick glance at your iPhone is enough to unlock it, and it won't be easily fooled by photos or twins. Due to the use of the infrared light, it also works in the dark, meaning you won't annoy your partner if you decide to check your

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  7. Please be careful of scammers pretending to be Mobileciti

    Please be careful of scammers pretending to be Mobileciti

    We have had several reports that telemarketers are calling people and offering mobile phone plans from Mobileciti.

    We do not sell any phone plans, and we do not cold call. We also do not sell any products through Facebook.

    If you have been contacted by these telemarketers please consider reporting them to Scamwatch: www.scamwatch.gov.au.

    If you have provided personal information, we would suggest you to contact the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 (or your local police station if you are in Victoria).

    If you have any questions, please contact us via online@mobileciti.com.au

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  8. Check out some awesome SIM only plans

    You've bought an awesome phone, now get an awesome SIM only plan

    If you’ve just bought your phone outright (or you’re just about to) you’re one of the smart ones. Now get a phone plan and a new SIM too. Check out the list below.

    Remember, you can keep your existing phone number when you move to a new phone company.

    The days of phone contracts are all but over

    A massive 5 million smartphones were sold in Australia in the previous 12 months. But the phone industry is changing. It used to be that most people bought their phones indirectly, through a 24 month contract with their phone company. Fewer and fewer people are doing that every year. Some predictions suggest that phone contracts, already only 18% of the market will fall further in the years ahead. By 2020, only 8%

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  9. Why do you need a Dual Sim Phone?

    What is a Dual Sim Phone?

    Dual Sim phones, common in Asia and parts of Europe, are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. By allowing you to use two sim cards at the same time, this relieves you of the need to carry an second phone, along with its associated maintainence (charging it, updating your apps and accounts etc), and gives you flexibility when it comes to choice of carriers.

    What kind of Dual Sim Phone?

    In the early days of dual sim phones, to allow two sim cards manufacturers effectively had to make two phones in one. These phones had two modems and two seperate antenna. The only thing they shared was the screen and battery. This allowed you to make two calls at the same time, but resulted in terrible battery life. Some also had poor reception, due to the extra physical space the antenna designs required.

    As the technology developed, manufacturers were able to take advantage of increases in computing speed to allow the two modems to

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  10. Samsung Galaxy J8, most exciting release this year from Samsung?

    Every member of the tech media is losing their minds over the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and why wouldn't they? It's 2018 and Samsung has once again pushed the limitations of hardware design by craming a 4000mah battery into a phone almost the same size as the Note 8, all while retaining the headphone jack and their notchless infinity display.

    However in this humble blogger's opinion the most exciting release this year from Samsung is not the Note 9, but instead the humble Galaxy J8. For the first time in a long time, Samsung has released a dual sim phone into the Australian market.

    Samsung Galaxy J8


    The Samsung Galaxy J8 is a new mid-range phone from the Samsung machine. Sporting a Snapdragon 450 along with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, this device is great for all

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