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  1. Samsung Galaxy J8, most exciting release this year from Samsung?

    Every member of the tech media is losing their minds over the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and why wouldn't they? It's 2018 and Samsung has once again pushed the limitations of hardware design by craming a 4000mah battery into a phone almost the same size as the Note 8, all while retaining the headphone jack and their notchless infinity display.

    However in this humble blogger's opinion the most exciting release this year from Samsung is not the Note 9, but instead the humble Galaxy J8. For the first time in a long time, Samsung has released a dual sim phone into the Australian market.

    Samsung Galaxy J8


    The Samsung Galaxy J8 is a new mid-range phone from the Samsung machine. Sporting a Snapdragon 450 along with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, this device is great for

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  2. The best hearing-aid compatible (HAC) phones in 2018

    Just because your hearing is going doesn't mean your love of technology has to. Check out our helpful guide to smart phones that support the M4/T4 standards to ensure your calls are as clear as possible.

    What does M4/T4 mean?

    The M and T system refer to how the phone communicates with your hearing aid, with the quality represented by a number (higher is better.)

    M(icrophone) means that the phone uses your hearing aid's microphone, with minimal interference from the phone's electronics.

    T(elecoil) means that the phone transmits a magnetic signal to your hearing aid. This technology is also known as T-switch, T-coil and Telephone switch. This will generally be much clearer than Microphone, as your hearing aid will play the sound directly into your ear, without any extra noise or interference picked up when using the microphone.


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  3. Meizu Pro 7 Plus Review - A phablet that won't break the bank

    The Meizu Pro 7 Plus, the new flagship phablet from Meizu is a mighty beast with a decacore processor purring at its core, a stunning 5.7" Quad HD display and a great unibody aluminium shell. But the real key feature here is the secondary display on the back, a 240p AMOLED that won't blind you with the force of 10,000 suns when you check your notifications at night. Check out the details below.



    The Meizu Pro 7 Plus comes with a 5.7", Quad HD AMOLED display that is a sight to behold. High vibrancy and excellant brighness make this display great for viewing even under direct sunlight while the size is just big enough that you can ditch your tablet and use it for viewing needs. Complementing the screen is a minimalist unibody brushed aluminum shell with a few subtle antenna lines. The highlight here is t

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  4. Meizu M6 Review - A powerful budget phone

    The Meizu M6 has a very low price tag that won't hurt your wallet, but is it able to have the features and hardware to make it worthwhile? In this post, we'll have a look at the Meizu M6, now available in Australia.


    Meizu M6

    Body and Screen

    The Meizu M6 has a 5.2 inch HD screen, a size that allows for great viewing while still remaining compact and comfortable to hold. The back of the phone is polycarbonate, but it has a metallic finish to give it a sleek and stylish look while remaining light. One addition to the Meizu M6 that really impresses is its fingerprint scanner mounted to th

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  5. LG K8 (2017) Review - A Budget Phone that covers all bases

    The 2017 refresh of the LG K8 upgraded many features, while still remaining a very cheap option for those on a budget. is it able to stand up against the other options currently in its price range? In this post, we'll have a look at the all the features of the LG K8.


    LG K8 2017

    Body and Screen

    The LG K8 has a 5 inch HD display. Since LG are great with fitting good panels on their phones, the LG K8 looks good. Although it has a plastic back, it is compact, light, and very comfortable to hold.

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  6. Nokia 3310 2017 3G Review - A nostalgic keypad phone

    The original Nokia 3310 was one of the most popular releases, back in the days where phones were only used for calling, texting, and snake. Now in 2017, Nokia has brought back the Nokia 3310 in its classic feature phone design, with a refresh to include features such as 3G in Australia. Can the new 3310 be a great option? In this post, we'll have a look at the features of the 3310.

    Design, 3G, Camera

    Design: The Nokia 3310 has its classic design, however the most notable difference is a larger colour screen at 2.4 inches and 240x320 pixels. The keypad has also been slightly redesigned.

    3G: The Nokia 3310 3G version has access to all the current Australian 3G mobile frequencies, making it a great option for all networks.

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  7. OPPO A73 Review - A large 6 inch bezel-less display, 16 megapixel cameras

    OPPO have been shaking up the smartphones market for the last few years by releasing affordable but excellent phones. Can it keep it up with its latest budget phone release, the OPPO A73? In this post, we'll take a look at all the features of the new OPPO A73.


    Screen and Body

    The OPPO A73 has a massive 6.0 inch screen at a Full-HD+ 1080 x 2160 pixels. This allows for very vibrant and detailed viewing, making the OPPO A73 an excellent phone for multimedia viewing. OPPO has also gone down then 18:9 ratio and minimal bezels path, so the OPPO A73 is still relatively comfortable to hold despite its large size.

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  8. LG K4 (2017) Review - A simple and cheap 4G Android phone

    The LG K4, one of LG's cheapest budget phones, received a refresh in 2017 to make it more competitive in the market. Despite its low price point, can it still perform well? In this review, we'll break down the key features of the LG K4.

    Connectivity, Design and Cameras

    3G & 4G Network: Reception shouldn't be an issue on the LG K4, as the LG K4 covers all the 3G bands used by Australian telcos. It also includes many 4G bands as well, to allow for access to fast 4G networks and making it a great phone for the future.

    Screen and Body: The LG K4 has a 5 inch LCD screen at a 480 x 854 resolution. While the resolution isn't very high, LG has improved the screen quality from the last model to allow it to still look good. The body looks sleek and modern with rou

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  9. Motorola Moto C Review - A cheap 4G phone with all the basics

    The Motorola Moto C was one of the silent Moto releases of 2017. Although it is at one of the lowest price points for budget phones, is the Moto C worth it? In the post, we'll have a look at the features of the Moto C. 

    Bands, Screen, Cameras

    Bands: The Moto C has access to all the current 3G bands in Australia, and also the major 4G bands as well. This allows the Moto C to access the fast 4G bands for excellent browsing, and also makes the Moto C a great futureproof phone.

    Screen: The Moto C has a 5 inch screen which is a 480 x 854 pixel display. While this isn't the largest screen and the largest resolution in the market,

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  10. LG Q6 Review - A budget phone with LG's Fullvision Display

    On first look, the LG Q6 looks just like their latest flagship, the LG G6. But unlike the G6, LG Q6 is not a flagship phone, it is a budget phone. But does the LG Q6 still have enough to offer to make it an attractive purchase? In this post, we'll have a look at all the features of the LG Q6.


    LG Q6

    Body and Screen

    The LG Q6 has a 5.5 inch Full-Vision display that has a similar look to the LG Q6, at 1080 x 2160 pixels and 18:9 aspect ratio. LG are known for fitting great displays on their phones, an

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