OnePlus 6 in Australia?

Ever heard of OnePlus? Making a habit delivering flagship quality components at amazing prices and coupled with their brash slogan; "Never Settle", OnePlus has been making waves in the mobile market since 2014 when they first released the OnePlus One, a well received mid range phone. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have plans to enter the Australian market, meaning their products are only available from direct importers and resellers.

If your phone does break, be prepared to waste weeks as you contact your seller, the product is shipped back to its original sales location, the lengthy RMA process, before it is finally shipped back to you. Not to mention the associated postage costs. Skip the hassle today and order from us instead; check out our 6 top picks for alternatives to the OnePlus 6.

  • Pixel XL

    Google's answer to the iPhone, the Pixel series was released to great acclaim. Armed with the formidable Google Camera and its advanced processing capabilities and with a great quality build from famous manufacturer's HTC, this phone is for those who prefer the 100% pure Android experience, and the fastest updates possible. Available here
  • Huawei Mate 10

    Need something a bit bigger? Check out the Huawei Mate 10, a beast of a phone with the worlds first AI processor. This allows your phone to actually learn from your habits, which apps do you use together, in order to ensure you have the best battery life possible. Dual 4G/4G and a Leica designed dual camera round out the design. Available here
  • LG G6

    Widen your outlook with the LG G6. Featuring dual 13MP rear cameras including a 125 degree wide angle camera, the G6 will let you capture images truer to life than any smartphone before. Enjoy those amazing shots with some music, the Quad DAC available in the G6 is sure to blow you away with its high quality fidelity. Available here
  • OPPO R11S

    All hail the king. The selfie king that is. OPPO has made a big name overseas with its focus on the best camera they can jam into phone along with amazing pricing. Coupled with the attractive design and simple software designed to appeal to iPhone users, the R11S is a great choice for anyone looking to try Android for the first time. Available here
  • Samsung Galaxy S8

    Expand your boundaries with the Samsung Galaxy S8. With its incredible infinity display powered by an AMOLED panel means the deepest blacks when watching movies and highest brightness when out and about. Combined with its IP68 rating great camera, the S8 is truly a phone for the adventurer in all of us. Available here
  • Motorola Moto Z2 Play

    The Swiss army knife of phones, the Motorola Moto Z series can be equipped with a variety of enhancements for you phone. From a extra large speaker for parties at the beach to an upgraded camera, Moto mods has you covered. A huge battery and its dual sim capabilities are just the cherry on top. Available here