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  1. Security Alerts & News - Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

    New Security Feature: Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates Protect You Against Phishing

    MOBILECITI have recently installed the latest encryption certificates on our website to help you ensure you are accessing the legitimate MOBILECITI website. If you are using a recent web browser (such as Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Safari 3.2, Opera 9.5 or Google Chrome), you should notice that your address bar turns green when you login to MOBILECITI online. In addition, you’ll see MOBILECITI’s legal business name “MobileCiti Pty Ltd”. You can also click part of the address bar to see more information about the website owner.

    Known technically as “extended validation (EV) SSL certificates”, these digital encryption certificates require confirmation of the legal identity and physical presence of the website owner. This makes it more difficult for a fraudster to make a copy of our website.

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  2. Nokia 7230 Slide is available now

    Nokia 7230 Slide

    Graphite/ Hot Pink

    Nokia 7230, is an S40 slider aimed at the lower mid range segment. It's 98mm x 48mm x 14,8mm big, weighs 100 grams and has a 2.4" QVGA screen. It's got a 3.2MP fixed-focus camera, FM radio, Bluetooth, Xpress audio messaging, support for Nokia Messaging and easy sharing on portals like Ovi Share, Flickr and Facebook.

    The Nokia 7230 has quad-band GSM and two versions of tri-band 3G (HSPA). It sports a 3.5mm audio jack and enough battery enough for up to 27 hours of music playback. It comes with a 2GB microSD card in box and will be available in either Graphite or Hot Pink color versions.

    The Nokia 7230 is available now at MobileCiti Store and is expected to be priced around AUD 185.

    URL: http://www.mobileciti.com.au/nokia-7230-graphite


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  3. Nokia X6 16GB black

    Nokia X6 16GB

    Despite what the ads might have you believe, the Nokia X6 is neither the slimmest nor the most sexy smartphone around. It's quite thick, measuring 15mm from front to back, and its chunky, candy bar chassis is mostly constructed of cheap-feeling plastic.

    But beneath the dubious construction, this is a highly capable smartphone. It's the first phone we've seen from Nokia to boast a capacitive touchscreen - which, by the way, crams an impressive 360 x 640 resolution into its medium-sized 3.2in diagonal.

    It features a 5-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, GPS, an FM tuner, high-speed HSDPA data connectivity and Wi-Fi, plus a massive 32GB of storage.

    The phone produces good-quality photos, music sounds great through the supplied headset, and it comes with a year's subscription to Nokia's music download service, which gives you unlimited downloads for as long as your data allocation allows.

    The touchscreen makes typing using the on-screen keyboard surprisingly easy, and navigating around the phone's Symbian operating system - S60 fifth edition - is a reasonably straightforward process as a result.

    The X6's battery life is right up there at the top of the tree too: it managed to retain an astonishing 90% after our 24-hour torture test. It's a highly capable all-round media phone.

    But there are a couple of key areas where the X6 falls down, and the most crucial is performance. Nokia's web browser continues to let the side down, crashing during the Acid3 test and taking an average of 26 seconds to render the BBC homepage over Wi-Fi - that's way behind the iPhone 3GS and all the Android phones we've reviewed in the past.

    The phone feels sluggish in general use too; as soon as you have more than one application running at the same time it slows to a crawl. And Nokia's Ovi application store simply can't compete with the best that the rest has to offer either.

    There's no denying the Nokia X6 is a tempting offering. It comes with free music for a year, boasts great media playback, superb battery life, a good camera and a strong core specification.

    But its performance - coupled with a pretty high price - means the X6 falls behind the best smartphones on the market.

    Author: Jonathan Bray

    Nokia X6 16GB is available at MobileCiti Store Now !

    Product URL: http://www.mobileciti.com.au/nokia-x6-16gb-black

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  4. Nokia N900 Touchscreen Mobile Computer - coming soon

    Nokia N900 Touchscreen Mobile Computer available on early april

    Experience the speed and raw power of the Nokia N900 mobile computer. This highly compact device features a sharp touch-sensitive display, full QWERTY keyboard, and comes with Linux-based Maemo software to take us into a new era of mobile computing. Switch between your open apps using the dashboard, personalise multiple desktops any way you like, and quickly access rich interactive content with the powerful Maemo Browser.

    With the Nokia N900 it’s easy to capture, view, and share your photos and video clips. The built-in 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics lets you take stunning photos and record DVD-quality video. Add description and location tags to bring extra context to your images, and post your favourites directly to Ovi Share for your friends to enjoy.

    The Nokia N900 mobile computer can also be used as a phone. From the dashboard or desktop, all it takes is a twist of your wrist to instantly access the phone app. Make a call, or choose another way to get your message across. With Maemo on your device you can start multiple chats with your Ovi, Gtalk, Skype, and other IM contacts – then from the dashboard jump between your ongoing chats in the time it takes to tap the screen.

    Nokia N900 Touchscreen Mobile Computer Available soon at MobileCiti store,

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  5. Nokia 6600 Fold Black Price Slash $149

    Nokia 6600 Fold Black $149

    -limited time offer only, while stock last

    Key Features

    • Sleek folding form that turns into a small, seamless shell fitting the palm of your hand

    • Hidden outer display showing clock, incoming calls, missed calls, message waiting, and more using clean and contemporary graphics

    • Tap commands for illuminating the outer display, alarm snooze, call silencing, and call rejecting

    • Smooth and silent electromagnetic opening mechanism with a conveniently placed key for one-handed activation

    • Subtle exterior indicator light showing message waiting, missed calls, low battery and more

    • A stunning 2.13” QVGA (240 x 320) OLED display with 16M colours for a bright, colourful display offering excellent readability

    • Large, easy-to-read keys that make messaging a pleasure

    • A host of contemporary features that you’ll rely on every day: Nokia Search, Nokia Maps, email client, Yahoo! Go, and more

    • Music player with multi-format support, FM radio, and a stereo headset with FM radio and music keys

    • 2 megapixel camera with 8x zoom, double LED flash, VGA video recording at 15fps, and QVGA at 30fps

    • Secondary VGA camera for 3G video calling

    • MicroUSB for data transfer with USB 2.0 for full speed connectivity

    • 15MB free internal user memory and 512MB microSD card


    • No SIM Locks
    • 2G/GSM : Compatible
    • 3G : Compatible
    • Next G : Not Compatible

    Package Content

    • Nokia 6600 fold

    • Nokia Stereo Headset WH-501

    • Nokia Battery BL-4CT

    • Nokia Travel Charger AC-4

    • Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-101

    • Nokia 512 MB microSD Card MU-28

    • User guide

    Nokia 6600 fold $149 Buy it now! http://www.mobileciti.com.au/nokia-6600-fold-black

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  6. Bluetooth Headsets and GPS Navigation from MobileCiti

    If you are constantly on the go, for instance working as a sales rep, then there are 2 key items you should own:

    1. A mobile phone headset

    2. Something to tell you where you are going

    Bluetooth Headsets

    Bluetooth headsets have grown a good deal more fashionable over the last few years as the governments have became more & more strict when it comes to people using mobile phones when driving your vehicle. If you want to keep in contact with clients or customers while you are driving then there are two options you have – either pull over & make your call or use a phone headset. If you have a busy agenda then pulling over is not always an option, so you are really left with the latter. There are two types of mobile phone headsets available, wired headsets and unwired headsets recognized as Bluetooth headsets. The key and unmistakable advantage of Bluetooth headsets is the fact that they are unwired, meaning there is zero risk of being entangled up in wires while driving your car (which ironically is in all probability more hazardous than driving when holding your phone!).

    GPS Navigation

    Knowing where you are headed is also an absolute must for sales reps, delivery drivers and anyone else who travels to unknown locations on a regular basis. Getting In late for a crucial sales meeting is not a great way of making a first impression, so make sure you recognize the way to get there. Ok, so you have a map on the back seat of your vehicle. Once More, it’s not healthy to read a map while driving your car (anyone who has driven before has in all likelihood tried this and it’s not a great idea), so dismissing the option of pulling over to read the map you require another way of telling you directions. The answer? GPS Navigation. vehicle navigation systems have grown much more frequent over the last few years and prices have also dropped significantly.


    MobileCiti are one of Australia’s leading providers of Mobile Phones, Bluetooth headsets and GPS Car Navigation systems. If you are looking for a hot deal on these items, visit MobileCiti today.

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  7. Nokia Upcoming model

    Nokia Upcoming Mobile Phone:


    Nokia N900


    Nokia X6


    Nokia 7230



    Nokia 6700 Slide



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  8. MobileCiti - now support Live Chat & Ticket Support System

    Try our new live chat & ticket support system, http://www.mobileciti.net.au/support/

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