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  1. Sony Ericsson Cedar J108a Review



    The Sony Ericsson Cedar J108a is part of the GreenHeart range of Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Sony Ericsson are trying to address the amount of phones that simply end up in landfill sites, and thus much of the internal workings and exterior packaging of the Sony Ericsson Cedar J108a is made up of mainly recycled material.

    The phone itself is a good design, although some of the curves on the back make gripping the phone a little awkward, this is a minor point however as otherwise the phone looks great and makes for a good Sony Ericsson Cedar J108a review.

    Sony Ericsson mobile phones have tried to make the widgets on the home screen intuitive and easy to use, and for the most part they have succeeded as they certainly save time. This particular model is mostly let down however by the poor camera that has no LED flash, which is unusual for phones in this price bracket. Although 3G and Bluetooth included, web browsing is a fiddly affair and cumbersome to use, as is the Twitter client, which is a shame because otherwise the positive features of this phone would certainly make it a winner.

    ConditionBrand New
    Network Support2G Quadband, 3G, 850Mhz
    Network LockUnlocked
    Network BrandingTelstra
    Dimensions111 x 49 x 15.5 mm
    Handset TypeClassic
    Camera2.0 MP
    BluetoothYes, V2.1 with A2DP
    Internal Memory280MB
    Card SlotYes. Up to 16GB MicroSD
    Operating SystemOther
    FeaturesEmail, FM Radio, GPRS, Java, MMS, MP3 Player, Speakerphone, USB, Video Camera
    Warranty12 Months - Manufacturer

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  2. Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100

    Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 Overview

    The Next Viewing Experience

    Books, Browsing, Moviews and more come through in clarity never before seen on a smartphone. the brilliant 4.3" SUPER AMOLED Plus disply let you see every detail in vibrant color. Read, surf or just experience the spectacle of sight as you stand out with the Samsung GALAXY S II.

    4.3" SUPER AMOLED Plus

    Express your color! This brilliant display delivers superior color, enhanced readability, and great battery consumption. The Truly vivid color reproductions will really surprise you and because the contrast ratio is very high, you can clearly see separations of light and dark. It also has an ultrafast response time, which akes for smoother graphics. Put that together with it's amazing thinness and 4.3-inch size and you’ve got PC-like browsing in the palm of your hand.

    Live Panel

    Content is King. Drop the apps and get direct access to your content through Samsung’s new personalizable UX, a magazine style layout that selects contents that you use the most, your gallery, music, video, SNS,email, notes, games and weather then displays them on your main screen. This live content ecosystem can be customized to your taste and provides easy access to your contents. Don’t search for content, live it!

    Readers Hub

    Leave the bookshelf at home and carry your Samsung GALAXY S II in your hand. Readers Hub is a great place to flip through your library of classics & best sellers or browse through more than two million books to choose from. On top of that, you will have access to more than 2,500 magazines in 20 languages and 2,000 of newspapers in 47 languages at your fingertips. Crisp, sharp text makes reading a pleasure and your experience will be easier to manage with magnification, text only and page views (for magazine and Newspapers), audio access (for Newspapers), one touch sharing via email (for Magazine), and more features. Believe in books, but look beyond paper.

    PC-like Web Browsing

    Unmistakably informative! Mobilize your information gathering capabilities. Put PC-like web browsing in your palm or pocket to access a universe of information with the upgraded user interface. Fully optimized for Android Gingerbread, the Samsung GALAXY S II’s brilliant web browsing function will put it into perspective with easy search optimization and a clear view of your subject matter. The 4.3” SUPER AMOLED Plus and Adobe Flash Player capabilities let you get the full multimedia experience. Surf in style with Samsung.

    The Next Media Experience

    From film to footage to family photo sharing, Samsung makes it simple and swift! the Samsung Galaxy S II goes a step beyond with recording equipment that makes it as easy to develop quality media as it is to share it on the fly with high-speed HSPA+ 21Mbps.

    HSPA+ 21Mbps.

    Seamless video streaming gets a big boost with the super

    fast wireless standard HSPA+ 21Mbps.

    Wi-Fi Direct

    Transmit without wires. The Samsung GALAXY S II point-to-point Wi-Fi communications connect with device-to-device wireless transfer speeds of Wi-Fi without a wireless access point.

    Samsung Kies 2.0 & Kies air

    The newly introduced Kies 2.0, an upgrade of Kies 1.5, enables the Samsung GALAXY S II to sync with a computer using a Wi-Fi network for PIM backup, subscribing to contents, and multimedia contents sharing. And with the Samsung Kies air solution you can connect with any browser’s address bar without a Kies program through the web browser to manage all sorts of information and multimedia contents on a larger screen.

    All Share

    Show off? Why not when it’s this easy. AllShare lets the Samsung GALAXY S II link wirelessly with a TV, laptop or even audio system to play multimedia files directly from the phone. AllShare synchronizes the mobile phone with a compatible DLNA based product. So start the streaming to the big screen in HD. That’s media convergence made simple!

    8MP Camera with LED Flash

    Get your shots in. The 8MP auto focus camera doesn’t miss any details whether you’re shooting idleness or action. Take beautiful, detailed photos even in low light with the built-in LED flash. And thanks to the much improved user interface of Android Gingerbread, fast scene switching is possible. And a quick switch to the 2MP front-facing camera makes self-portraits a snap. Picture the difference.

    Full HD Recording & Playback

    Be a star. Let the Samsung GALAXY S II’s video shooting capabilities bring out the celebrity in you. Featuring 1080p Full HD Recording, every moment is a potential masterpiece in the making. Capture the action in high resolution and in dual core speed, instantly play back your HD footage in incredible clarity on the 4.3” SUPER AMOLED Plus display.

    Samsung Voice Solution

    Get vocal. Just double tap the home key and you can control the Samsung GALAXY S II with a few selected words. Take charge and execute major functions like calling, music, messaging, scheduling and launching apps with the ease of a voice command. You can also capture your thoughts, make a note to yourself and send it to your friends by simply saying send!

    Social Hub

    Organize and synchronize better all in your online contacts through Social Hub. Streamline your email, SMS, IM and SNS information into one unified box, and interact faster with more people in the way you want to.

    NFC (Near Field Communication)

    Leave your wallet at home. The Samsung GALAXY S II has it in hand. It will house NFC short-range high frequency wireless communication technology for contactless credit card payments. It can communicate with existing smartcards and readers and is compatible with existing contactless infrastructure for public transportation and payment systems. Use NFC for secure purchasing, ticket reservations, as a transit pass, or even for electronic door entry. You can even scan smart tags on posters or billboards to download the details to your phone. That’s Samsung smart!

    Dual Core Application Processor

    Making the impossible possible. Dual Core Application Processor is the ultra responsive

    answer to mobile performance, providing high-speed multitasking, quick web page loading, quick

    reaction speeds, a smoother UI, lightning fast image editing and high performance gaming. And with

    its screaming fast encoding/decoding ability, which supports video playing and shooting, outstands computing power and performance.

    Game Hub

    Join in on the action. The Samsung GALAXY S II’s Game Hub lets you to download high quality games, providing over 20 social network games and premium games. Search for games and new release information or play away. With an accelerometer, and gyroscope sensors dynamic hand and arm movement games stand out from the crowd. The slightest tilt and you’re dead – now that’s entertainment.

    Music Hub

    Keep your music close, while accessing the world of 13 million tracks of songs. Samsung’s Music Hub*, powered by 7digital, provides an intuitive playback system while you search, discover, preview, purchase and download tracks on the go. The app will also provide you with the viewing experience for rich information, with access to all the artist bios, discographies and reviews you desire. Get recommendations on hot and new albums and add to the excitement with the virtual 5.1 channel sound.

    Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

    Optimized to securely access enterprise resources on a Microsoft Exchange server to stay up to date with your business email, calendar, contacts and task synchronization, the Samsung GALAXY S II boasts the most comprehensive mobile implementation of Exchange ActiveSync. Providing the strongest security Mobile Device Management of any smart phone and the most policies and restrictions support among Android ActiveSync clients, it allows for real-time communication with employee phones to remotely configure settings, monitor compliance with policies, guarantee synchronized data safety and wipe or lock managed phones.

    On Device Encryption

    Play it safe with a security solution that helps protect mobile data without the need to sacrifice speed and functionality. The Samsung Galaxy S II contains powerful encrypted hardware, minimising the use of security software and applying encryption technology to the hardware itself. The incorporated Sybase Afaria Mobile Device Management and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync complement the encryption support with their own mechanisms to help secure important corporate and personal information.

    VPN (Virtual Private Network)

    The Samsung GALAXY S II has adopted Cisco’s AnyConnect to provide reliable and easy-to-deploy encrypted network connectivity by delivering persistent corporate access for users on the go. Whether providing access to business email, a virtual desktop session, or other Android applications, it enables business-critical application connectivity.

    MDM (Mobile Device Management)

    Wipe away your concerns. Sybase and Samsung are working together to address the management and security concerns commonly faced by enterprises when deploying Android devices. This partnership provides the comprehensive capabilities that It requires to allow mobile workers access to enterprise assets using the Samsung GALAXY S II. It can now confidently extend corporate security policies to the Samsung Android platform, allowing for the adoption of both personally owned and corporate owned GALAXY S II’s.

    Cisco WebEx

    Stay on the same page and stay connected for important meetings on the go. With Cisco WebEx support, a secure, online meeting is just a click away. Users can view shared desktops, browsers, applications and documents with live annotations and feel the experience of deep integration with the Samsung GALAXY S II’s exclusive feature to initiate a WebEx meeting from the dialer and contacts screens.

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  3. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Smart Phone



    The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is one of the first Sony Ericsson mobile phones to sport Android as it’s operating system, and with it’s large screen the phone certainly makes good use of the software. At first glance, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is a lovely looking phone with its shiny case and minimal buttons. It’s everything you would expect from a well-proven mobile phone company such as Sony Ericsson.

    This phone packs in some good features, such as a great 8-megapixel camera, a quick 1Gz snapdragon processor, and a good media player capable of playing most formats. All of this makes for a good Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 review. There are a few things that let it down though, such as a poor method of text input, and a battery that doesn’t hold much juice. Sony Ericsson mobile phones have gone a long way to try and make this a phone you’ll want to own however. It has a premium feel to it, and there’s a 8GB microSD card bundled with the device so you can store photos, music and video. Price isn’t too bad; so all in all, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 isn’t a bad offering.

    ConditionBrand New
    Network Support2G Quadband, 3G, 900Mhz
    Network LockUnlocked
    Network BrandingOptus
    Dimensions119 x 63 x 13 mm
    Handset TypeTouch Screen
    Camera8.0 MP
    BluetoothYes, V2.1 with A2DP
    Internal Memory1GB
    Card SlotYes. Up to 32GB MicroSD
    Operating SystemAndroid
    FeaturesEmail, GPRS, GPS, Java, MMS, MP3 Player, Speakerphone, USB, WiFi
    Warranty12 Months - Manufacturer

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  4. Motorola V3 Reviews



    Every now and then a mobile phone appears on the market that has a distinctly retro look and feel to it. Long gone are the days of flip-phones, with tablet phones and candy-bar phones being far more popular. But if you fancy pretending to be Captain Kirk, then the new Motorola V3 Razr flip-phone may be for you.

    The razor thin Motorola V3, hence where it got its name, stacks up well considering its design. The screen for example is the best part of any Motorola V3 review. Its 2.5-inch 260,000 colour display does a great job at showing pictures and video, even in sunlight, although the phone is limited to only viewing movies, you can’t record them from the phone itself. You also get another screen on the front of the phone when closed that shows the time, signal strength and battery level. It also acts as a viewfinder when in camera mode. Like most Motorola mobile phones of this design in the past, the Motorola V3 feels nice and light, and takes up little room. The phone also feels well constructed and unlikely to break with the slightest knock. All in all the Motorola V3 Razr is a neat little phone.

    ConditionBrand New
    Network Support2G Quadband
    Network LockUnlocked
    Network BrandingOptus
    Dimensions98 x 53 x 13.9 mm
    Handset TypeFlip
    BluetoothYes, V1.2
    Internal Memory5MB
    Card SlotNo
    Operating SystemOther
    FeaturesEmail, GPRS, Java, MMS, Speakerphone, USB
    Warranty12 Months - Manufacturer

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  5. Nokia N9 Preview

    Bold Screen Design

    - Simply beautiful

    Introducing an all-screen smartphone like no other. It all comes together beautifully with the scratch-resistant glass merging perfectly into the smooth one-piece body. And there’s innovation in every detail. The vivid AMOLED display brings everything to life right on the surface, plus the curved glass makes it easy to swipe the touch screen as you move between apps.

    The simplicity of swipe

    - A better way to use a phone

    It all comes down to a simple swipe. This one idea makes everything feel effortless and completely natural as you use your phone. There are no back or home keys – just a continuous flow as you move from app to app. Swipe any edge of the screen to go home, then move easily between three home views.

    One home, Three simple view.

    - This is how it should be done

    Three views with everything you need. Start something new in the familiar Applications view, or go to the Open applications view to jump from one live app to another – great for picking up where you left off. The Events view is the place to see what’s happening right now in your world. Live Facebook updates and Tweets, real-time emails and other notifications, all in one place.

    Free* Navigation

    Free* maps and navigation

    Get to where you want to go with free* walk and drive navigation and turn-by-turn voice guidance. Find the best of everything in your city, including cafes, shops, concerts, hotels and more, with public transportation line views for over 80 cities worldwide. As maps for your region are preloaded, you can get started right away and save on data costs. Plus the dedicated Drive app is optimised for in-car use with simple touch controls.

    Plan trips at maps.ovi.com

    *Data charges may apply. File size 10MB. Available for selected Nokia models. For the lifetime of the phone.

    Next-generation browser

    Fast, effortless browsing

    It’s time to speed things up. Nokia N9 features a fast mobile web browser, so pages load on your screen in no time. And with HTML5 support you get the best of the web including rich apps and fast video playback. Everything is quick and highly responsive, plus you can keep multiple pages open at the same time and move easily between them.

    8 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics

    Everything looks better in HD

    A photo opportunity can come and go at any moment. Use the 8 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics to take a great shot, or start filming in stunning high definition. The wide-angle lens means you get more friends in the picture – just tap to focus and shoot. Instantly share online for everyone to enjoy, or touch another NFC-enabled phone to share with someone close by.

    Best apps and games

    Must-have apps preloaded

    Apps are everywhere these days. But the important thing is how good they are, not how many you have. Nokia N9 comes with quality must-have apps straight out of the box, including Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Accuweather and AP Mobile. You also get Angry Birds to keep you entertained for hours, plus there are other essential apps and games at Ovi Store.

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  6. Motorola Defy MB525 Review


    If you've researched rugged phones before, you'll know they are universally ugly devices. The Sonim series of "indestructible" phones may be able to withstand a bullet, but its Transformers-like chassis is bulky and far from the best fashion accessory for a night out in a fancy restaurant. The Moto Defy bucks this trend, and though its matte plastic body falls short of being absolutely drool-worthy, it is a cool-looking handset nonetheless.

    Around the edges of the Defy you'll find six screws, and the battery cover is locked down with a sliding latch. This, apparently, provides enough protection to withstand being submerged in up to one-metre of water, and though you'll probably still want to keep it away from water where possible, it is sufficient to survive rain and, god forbid, being dropped in the dunny. We completely submerged the phone in a glass of water for several minutes while shooting the video review (above) and found the phone to be completely functional afterwards. Interestingly, you can't use the touchscreen underwater. We found that the touchscreen actually responds to water, so there's no chance of taking this phone scuba-diving for some impromptu underwater photography.

    Protecting it from the keys in your pocket, the 3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen features Gorilla Glass. The touchscreen is reasonably responsive, though like the Milestone 2, we have noticed that interacting with the Defy can seem a bit sticky at times. The phone will respond to gestures promptly, but animations, like scrolling through the list of installed apps, can appear a bit jerky. Motorola has included a Swype keyboard in the Defy, and while we love this addition, it is yet another example of where the response time of the phone can drop to an irritating level.


    Beneath the rugged good looks of the Defy beats the heart of a fairly average Android smartphone— in terms of software. The Defy runs on Android 2.1 with Motorola's MotoBlur version 1.5. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we don't like MotoBlur very much. It takes the enormity of the social network experience and distills it down into a handful of widgets and an app that pools all of this information into one not-particularly streamlined location. We spent about a day with MotoBlur before we removed the widgets from the homescreen and installed TweetDeck instead.

    But there are other parts of the standard smartphone experience that Motorola does very well. The music player in the Defy is probably the best music application we've used all year. It does the basics well; it plays music loudly, displays album art, has multiple search filters for organising music; but it also adds a couple of really excellent web services. There's TuneWiki, an app that streams album art and the lyrics of the song you are listening to so that you can sing along. It can also show other TuneWiki users on a Google Map so you can discover new music through what they are listening to. Shoutcast is also installed and lets you tap into the vast, seemingly endless world of internet radio. But our favourite part of the player is the YouTube integration. If you feel your music needs a visual component you can launch a YouTube video search of the song and artist you are listening to from the menu and play the clip without leaving the music player.

    Cinema lovers will also make good use of the baked-in DLNA media sharing software, identical to the Media Share tools we found on the higher-priced Milestone 2. With Media Share you can stream videos, photos and music in both directions, plus you can transfer files to and from your phone. This is very handy when you are visiting that friend who happens to have an amazing library of media.

    We also found the 5-megapixel camera to be better than your average smartphone shooter. It's paired with a dual-LED photolight and features all of the customisable settings users probably expect in a camera of this calibre, but its the pictures that have really won us over. After taking 50 or more photos, we were pleased to see a majority of those were in focus, and the colour of the scenes to be accurately recreated. With the LED photolight doing well not to overpower the photos, the camera does a fine job even in low-light situations.

    The 5-megapixel camera is good enough to capture this sleepy pup's gross, goopy eyes.


    As we noted early, the performance is consistent, but the Defy could use a bump in processing power to run the system MotoBlur infused Android platform without jagged, jerky animation lag. This isn't to say we've struggled to use this phone, in fact we've had a great time using it as our day-to-day handset, but it certainly lacks the polish of this year's best touchscreen smartphones.

    Call quality during our review has been exceptionally good. We tested the Defy on Telstra's Next G network and found the people we spoke to sounded as clear and natural as they'd be if they were standing in front of us. Data speeds were also good and the phone was prompt in deferring to WiFi when we can within the range of a known network. For rural readers, Telstra has also informed us that the Defy is the latest addition to its Blue Tick range of phones, indicating superior coverage for customers who might otherwise struggle to make a call.


    There's plenty to like about the Moto Defy: it offers a good smartphone experience with Android and protects itself from the bumps, knocks and splashes of everyday life with its rugged casing. What's really won us over is the extra attention paid to the phone's multimedia, both in capturing and in playback. The camera is well-made, the music player is first-class and the DLNA media sharing feature is a welcomed bonus. We wish Motorola had used a more powerful processor and more RAM to iron out some of the issues we've experienced with lag, but if you can look past this these niggling frustrations you'll discover a very capable phone in the Defy.

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  7. Sonim XP5300 Force 3G


    The Sonim XP5300 Force 3G is a premium, ultra-rugged 3G UMTS phone designed for professionals and adventurers who are exposed to the most hostile environments every day. Since it was engineered with built in safety features and backed by Sonim’s industry-leading 3-Year Comprehensive Warranty, transportation enterprises and mountaineers alike know they can count on the extreme reliability of the Sonim XP5300 FORCE 3G.

    Building on lessons learned from serving half a million customers in the most extreme environments, this Sonim RPS certi?ed phone was engineered to handle any condition. The Sonim RPS go far beyond MIL-SPEC ruggedness keeping critical activities running smoothly. Even wastewater 2 meters deep is no challenge for this IP-68 rated, water and dust proof handset, which can also be dropped from 2 meters onto concrete. The 2 inch high-resolution display is protected by a class leading 1.5mm thick Corning® Gorilla® Glass lens for the highest level of scratch and shock resistance.

    The Sonim XP5300 Force 3G has enterprise class GPS capabilities for optimized accurate real-time location tracking. The 2 MP camera with video capture and a bright LED ?ash and digital zoom captures critical information while safety is enhanced by strong antenna performance, the industry’s longest talk time of up to 12 hours on 3G and 22 hours on 2G and active noise cancellation. In addition, Sonim has further improved the reliability, speed and available memory for bundled JAVA applications and well as pre-tested and certi?ed third party JAVA applications that are available for download on the Sonim JAVA Application Manager (JAM) store.

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