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  1. Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro & J7 Pro Review - Samsung's latest budget phones

    Although its flagship S series will always be in the limelight, over the years the Samsung's budget J series has gained a lot of fans due to excellent hardware and design for an affordable price. The Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro and J7 Pro are the latest 2017 additions, coming with many improvements to its predecessors, the J5 Prime and J7 prime. In this post, we'll have a look at all the features of the J5 and J7 Pro, to allow you to come to a conclusion to whether its a worthy upgrade, and also compare both models.

    Below: Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro - Black

    Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro - Black

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  2. Huawei Nova 2i Review - A smartphone with 4 cameras

    Just when you thought phone cameras couldn't get more interesting, Huawei's new midrange phone, the Nova 2i, introduces dual cameras on both the front and back. For its price, the Nova 2i certainly is considerably cheaper than all the flagship options, but how does it fare in features compared to the rest? In this post, we'll have a detailed look at the new Huawei Nova 2i.

    Huawei Nova 2i


    Screen and Body

    The Huawei Nova 2i is certainly considered a large phone, even in todays standards,

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