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  1. Check out some awesome SIM only plans

    You've bought an awesome phone, now get an awesome SIM only plan

    If you’ve just bought your phone outright (or you’re just about to) you’re one of the smart ones. Now get a phone plan and a new SIM too. Check out the list below.

    Remember, you can keep your existing phone number when you move to a new phone company.

    The days of phone contracts are all but over

    A massive 5 million smartphones were sold in Australia in the previous 12 months. But the phone industry is changing. It used to be that most people bought their phones indirectly, through a 24 month contract with their phone company. Fewer and fewer people are doing that every year. Some predictions suggest that phone contracts, already only 18% of the market will fall further in the years ahead. By 2020, only 8%

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  2. Why do you need a Dual Sim Phone?

    What is a Dual Sim Phone?

    Dual Sim phones, common in Asia and parts of Europe, are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. By allowing you to use two sim cards at the same time, this relieves you of the need to carry an second phone, along with its associated maintainence (charging it, updating your apps and accounts etc), and gives you flexibility when it comes to choice of carriers.

    What kind of Dual Sim Phone?

    In the early days of dual sim phones, to allow two sim cards manufacturers effectively had to make two phones in one. These phones had two modems and two seperate antenna. The only thing they shared was the screen and battery. This allowed you to make two calls at the same time, but resulted in terrible battery life. Some also had poor reception, due to the extra physical space the antenna designs required.

    As the technology developed, manufacturers were able to take advantage of increases in computing speed to allow the two modems to

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