What are Frequency bands?

Phones communicate with mobile towers using radio waves, like how a television works. As our cities are flooded with waves from radio, television, wifi and other devices, governments strictly control the frequencies on which mobile phones are allowed to operate. These are known as frequency bands. If you wish to use your phone overseas, or with different carriers, it is important to ensure your device supports as many frequency bands as possible.

Australian Frequency Bands

Australia's three major carriers currently share the majority of frequency bands, but there are some key differences.

Telstra (Boost, Aldi, Belong etc)

Telstra and resellers use a wide variety of bands in the 3G/4G spectrum. To ensure the best coverage, make sure your device supports the following bands.

3G - 850 Mhz, 2100 Mhz

4G - 2100Mhz (B1), 1800Mhz (B3), 2600Mhz

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