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HTC One X10 Review - A battery beast with all the essentials

By Lewes L 4 December 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

The HTC One X10 was released by HTC in 2017, and promises long battery life, excellent build quality and many more. How does it fare in all the features and is it worth it for the price? In the post, we'll have a look.


Battery Life

First of all, lets jump right into looking at the battery life. In a day and age where most phones are only able to last one day, anything above that is considered excellent, and the HTC One X10 ticks that box. HTC has promised 'Up to 2 days of use' and that should be the case for light to medium users, as many reviews have attested for. Heavy users who usually struggle to make their phone last the day should be able to more easily last the day. For comparison, the battery capacity of the HTC One X10 is a massive 4000mAH, whilst most other similar phones usually have a capacity of around 2800mAh-3000mAh. 

HTC One X10

Processor and Memory

The HTC One X10 is certainly not lacking in memory, with 32GB of on-board storage and 3GB of RAM. 3GB of RAM certainly seems to be the sweet spot right now, and should allow you to run many apps simultaneously without many issues. 32GB of storage is plenty as well, but if you are a heavy media user who needs more than that, there is the usual slot for you to add in a MicroSD card of up to 256 GB to expand the storage. The HTC One X10 is powered by the Mediatek Helio P10 chipset with Octa-Core CPU, and benchmarks and real world reviews both show that the chipset in the One X10 compares well to its mid-range Snapdragon alternatives, being very fast. As a result, the One X10 should be able to handle most basic to medium tasks without any lag.


Screen and Body

The HTC One X10 has a stunning metal construction, with the black coloured version looking really sleek. The screen is large and detailed, being 5.5 inches and Full-HD at 1080 x 1920 pixels. HTC are great with their panels, and the One X10 is no exception, with colours being vibrant and popping. As a result, the One X10 is perfect for those who are heavy media users such as those who enjoy watching videos on their phone. And its large battery is a perfect complement for the great screen - you'll be able to power the screen for much longer than most other phones. Despite its large size, the HTC One X10 is still reasonable to hold thanks to its slim bezels. Its screen is coated with Gorilla Glass to give the phone that extra bit of protection, and the metal back also adds to its strong build. Its fingerprint scanner is found at the back underneath the camera.


The HTC One X10 is equipped with a 16 megapixel back sensor and a 8 megapixel front sensor. It has all the essentials, with auto-focus, face detection, HDR and panorama. The HTC One X10 camera performs well, with great detail thanks to its high megapixels, reasonably fast focus, and also has commendable performance in tough low light conditions. Its front camera is ultra wide, allowing you to fit more friends into the selfie.


phone is no use if it is out of Battery, and HTC has recognised that well, creating a large battery phone with plenty of appeal in its other features. A large high resolution screen, large amounts of memory, and detailed cameras, will ensure you take full advantage of its large battery. We would recommend it to anyone who is after a great all-round midrange phone, which also has long battery life. At a RRP of $599, it is well priced. Where to buy? Mobileciti currently has the HTC One X10 on sale at the lowest price in Australia, and delivers Australia wide for free, so make sure to check it out now.

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