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Motorola Moto C Review - A cheap 4G phone with all the basics

By Lewes L 18 December 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Motorola Moto C was one of the silent Moto releases of 2017. Although it is at one of the lowest price points for budget phones, is the Moto C worth it? In the post, we'll have a look at the features of the Moto C. 

Bands, Screen, Cameras

Bands: The Moto C has access to all the current 3G bands in Australia, and also the major 4G bands as well. This allows the Moto C to access the fast 4G bands for excellent browsing, and also makes the Moto C a great futureproof phone.

Screen: The Moto C has a 5 inch screen which is a 480 x 854 pixel display. While this isn't the largest screen and the largest resolution in the market, the Moto C is at a size that is ideal to hold and will sit comfortable in your pocket. The screen is still easily to do reading at 196 pixel per inch, and also won't stress the battery life too much.

Cameras: The Motorola Moto C has a 5 megapixel back camera and 2 megapixel front camera, with LED Flash, geo-tagging, and panorama. It does lack autofocus, but it is still capable of taking some commendable shots in good lighting conditions. However as with most budget handsets, low light shots will struggle to maintain the same level of detail.

Moto C

Processor, Memory, Battery Life and Operating System

Processor and Memory: The Moto C Australian model comes with 16GB of on-board storage and 1GB of RAM. There is the usual microSD slot of up to 32GB for you to expand the storage further. This makes the Moto C a great cheap option for activities such as music listening. 1GB of RAM is one of the major downsides of the Moto C, so the Moto C might not be able to run many apps simultaneously. The processor is a Mediatek MT6737, the same processor which is found on some more expensive options like Nokia 3 and Motorola itself's Moto E4. The processor is quite capable, and will perform well when doing light activities such as web browsing. However try to do some more intensive activities such as gaming, and it will struggle.Overall memory is one of the aspect in which Moto C 

Battery Life: The Moto C is equipped with the 2350mAh battery. That is quite large when its power efficient processor and screen are taken into account, so you can expect long battery life. It should be able to last one to two days easily, and even longer if you don't use the phone much. Battery life is essential to any phone, and the Moto C certainly checks that box.

Android 7.0: The Moto C has an android 7.0 operating system, and therefore gives access to the Google Play store. It is intuitive and easy to use as Motorola does not alter it much, and as a result the Moto C provides a stock android experience. This is perfect for those who want their first Android phone.


The Moto C is a decent entry-level phone with 4G bands, a decent screen and camera, good battery life, and Android OS. We would recommend the Moto C to anyone that just wants a simple and easy to use phone to make calls, and those who wish to use it as a MP3 player to and any other light activities. It is a good introduction for those who want to try their first smartphone and have a stock android experience. Where to buy? Mobileciti has the lowest price delivered of the Motorola Moto C anywhere in Australia, so make sure to check it out now.

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