The 2017 refresh of the LG K8 upgraded many features, while still remaining a very cheap option for those on a budget. is it able to stand up against the other options currently in its price range? In this post, we'll have a look at the all the features of the LG K8.


LG K8 2017

Body and Screen

The LG K8 has a 5 inch HD display. Since LG are great with fitting good panels on their phones, the LG K8 looks good. Although it has a plastic back, it is compact, light, and very comfortable to hold. Its 2.5D glass with rounded edges also adds to its good looking design and comfort. One compromise LG has made on the K8 is the lack of fingerprint scanner, but the traditional passcode unlock is always still an option.


The LG K8 packs a 13 megapixel back camera and 5 megapixel front camera. The back camera performs well, able to take some detailed shots with good colour reproduction. It's front camera, whilst less detailed at 5 megapixels, is able able to take some decent shots when needed. LG's camera app allows you to use many filters, and also has panorama.


Processor and Memory

The LG K8 comes with 16 GB of on-board storage. If you require more space though, the usual MicroSD slot is there for you to insert a microSD of up to 32GB. That when combined with 1.5GB RAM (which while it isn't a lot, it is certainly more than 1GB found in many similar handsets) allows you to run and store most basic apps with minimal lag. The Mediatek chipset that powers the K8 also is no slouch, and should be able to handle all the basics well.

Battery Life

LG phones have historically had good battery life, and that is also the case with the LG K8. A 2500mAh battery is included, which is more than enough thanks to its power efficient screen and processor. As a result, you should be able to get more than one day


The LG K8 is a budget handset that certainly packs a punch when compared to its competition. Its screen, cameras, memory and battery life are all excellent for its price. We would recommend the LG K8 for anyone that wants a cheap budget phone, but still wants to be able to complete basic tasks. Where to buy? Mobileciti has the lowest price of the LG K8 found anywhere in Australia, so make sure to check it out now.