The Samsung B2710 gets down to earth, genuinely! Forget the fancy smart phones that need to be charged once a day and treated with kindness and care…. not to mention their sometimes temperamental personalities- the Samsung B2710 is the mobile phone for those who love adventure, that are in the great outdoors a lot and who need a durable, functional, modern and steadfast mobile phone that will keep them connected- completely hassle free!

Perfect for those working on work sites or those that are engaging in outdoor activity on a daily basis, the Samsung B2710 is IP67 certified for protection against both dust and water. What does IP67 certified mean? The IP67 rating offers almost complete protection from dust and also offers protection from liquid splashes and submersion; this incredible Samsung mobile phone can operate underwater for up to 30 minutes and is submersible up to 1 metre!

And while you may just fall in love with the Samsung B2710, it won’t need too much TLC with it’s extra hard anti-scratch screen that’s designed to withstand scratches from falling out of the pocket while rock climbing or simply rubbing against keys your pocket.

But even with all of these great physical features, you don’t miss out on any of the good stuff when it comes to internal features and staying in touch. The Samsung B2710 will connect you to all of your favourite social networking sites and also has built-in Digital Compass and Google Maps. It has a 2 Megapixel Camera with 4x Digital Zoom, offers email, a great music player, a full range of business functions and much more.

In it’s most basic sense the Samsung B2710 is the Samsung mobile phone that offers you great service and functionality while remaining practical for those on the go, who want to enjoy their mobile phone without it being the centre of their day. Check it out for yourself today!