Just because your hearing is going doesn't mean your love of technology has to. Check out our helpful guide to smart phones that support the M4/T4 standards to ensure your calls are as clear as possible.

What does M4/T4 mean?

The M and T system refer to how the phone communicates with your hearing aid, with the quality represented by a number (higher is better.)

M(icrophone) means that the phone uses your hearing aid's microphone, with minimal interference from the phone's electronics.

T(elecoil) means that the phone transmits a magnetic signal to your hearing aid. This technology is also known as T-switch, T-coil and Telephone switch. This will generally be much clearer than Microphone, as your hearing aid will play the sound directly into your ear, without any extra noise or interference picked up when using the microphone.


Apple iPhone X M3/T4
Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus M3/T4
Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ M4/T3
Apple iPhone 7 Plus M3/T4
Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ M3/T4
Apple iPhone SE M3/T4
Apple iPhone 6s M3/T4
Samsung Galaxy S7 M3/T4
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge M4/T3
Google Pixel 2/2 XL M4/T3
Motorola g6 Play M4/T4
Motorola g6 M4/T4
Motorola g6 Plus M4/T4
Aspera F28 T4
ZTE Telstra Easycall 3 T3
ZTE Telstra Easycall 4 T3