What is a Dual Sim Phone?

Dual Sim phones, common in Asia and parts of Europe, are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. By allowing you to use two sim cards at the same time, this relieves you of the need to carry an second phone, along with its associated maintainence (charging it, updating your apps and accounts etc), and gives you flexibility when it comes to choice of carriers.

What kind of Dual Sim Phone?

In the early days of dual sim phones, to allow two sim cards manufacturers effectively had to make two phones in one. These phones had two modems and two seperate antenna. The only thing they shared was the screen and battery. This allowed you to make two calls at the same time, but resulted in terrible battery life. Some also had poor reception, due to the extra physical space the antenna designs required.

As the technology developed, manufacturers were able to take advantage of increases in computing speed to allow the two modems to "share" one antenna, using a system known as time division. This helped solve the issues with battery life and reception and dual sim phones are now ubiquitous in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Dual Sim Dual Active - Both numbers can ring at any time. Allows two calls simultaneously, very uncommon.

Dual Sim Dual Standby - Both numbers can ring when not on a call. When on a call, the other sim is busy or diverts to voicemail. Most common type of dual sim phone.

Why a Dual Sim Phone?

  • Work number: Many of our customers carry two phones for this reason and by purchasing a dual sim phone it allows them to ditch their second phone.
  • Travelling overseas: Take advantage of the cheaper rates available locally and purchase a sim when you land for a holiday. Instead of using exorbiant roaming rates, you will be able to pay the same price the locals do, often a huge saving.
  • Reception issues: If you live in an area with poor reception for your preferred carrier, you can use a dual sim phone to overcome this shortcoming. Use Telstra at home, and Optus at work, this will allow the best of both worlds.
  • Data sims: Take advantage of the frequent offers from carriers and use your second sim slot for a data sim. You can spend as little as $1 per month for your main number, while using hundreds of gigs a month by taking advantage of good deals.

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