Which Wireless Earbuds suit you?

It's 2019, and the headphone jack has gone the way the Dodo. With its passing, there has been a huge boom in wireless headphones and earbuds. Here are some of the top options to pick from in 2019.

Apple Airpods

Originally released in December 2016, AirPods are a fashion statement as well as a great peice of technology, especially those that use iPhones. Using the proprietry Apple W1 chip, these earphones offer additional connectivity options that can only be accessed with an Apple device, with limited settings and options acessible from non Apple devices, a huge drawback for Android users. With about 5 hours of playtime in the earbuds and an additional 19 hours of charge available in the case, Apple AirPods remain a great choice for any consumer.

Huawei Freebuds

Huawei's answer to AirPods, the Huawei Freebuds were released in late 2018, but unlike AirPods, the Freebuds offer a full IEM experience, with balanced amratures and dynamic drivers. Featuring auto-wearing detection via an infrared sensor, as well as tap controls, the FreeBuds are a great option for the Android user who desires a premium experience. Rounding out the package are 4 mics for voice calls, water resistance and a truly impress amount of earbud tips.

Samsung Gear IconX

Samsung makes some of the best hardware on the planet, and it shows when it comes to the Samsung Gear IconX. Packed with features like on-board storage to act as an MP3 Player and a built in fitness coach that will automatically provide real-time encouragement and tips to keep you motivated. Listening time is excellant with 7 hours available when away from your phone, and 5 hours when paired and used for streaming. Like every other member of our list the Gear IconX also supports touch based controls and also features enhanced functionality when used with a Samsung phone including time, distance and calories burned when used with S Health. The Samsung Gear IconX is a great choice for the sporty consumer who is tired of wires and earbuds that fall out.

Bose SoundSport Free

The Bose SoundSport Free are marketed as "totally wireless earphones" like all our other options today. What diffentiates them however is the excellant build quality, rich sound and great tip options to ensure a secure fit. The rugged case is well designed, and easy to snap in with magnets correcting any misalignment. The SoundSport Free also features physical buttons, great for those who tend to have wet hands. One downside is the size, those with smaller years may find them poking out quite a lot.With IPX4 water resistance and two charges with the case, the SoundSport Free are a great alternative to the IconX for those who need don't need quite that many bells and whistles.


The OPPO O-Free is a new entry to the market with a rock bottom price. Designed for use with OPPO's huge range of smartphones, the OPPO O-Free is reminiscent of AirPods, but on an Android device. Open up the case and the phone prompts you to put earbuds in. Detailed information about the power level of each earbud and case is provided easily rom the notification pane, or from a dedicated app. Manufacturered using Qualcomm's new QCC3026 chipset, these earbuds have Bluetooth 5.0 support and excellant range. A subtle clamshell case rounds out the package, with the O-Free's rated for about 16 hours of usage making this one of the best (and only) earbuds for those consumers on a budget.