The new Huawei Mate 9 has finally arrived. With a 5.9 inch screen, it promises to be the best big-screened phone in the market right now. How does it fare in other features? We have a look at all the features of Huawei’s latest flagship.

Body & Screen

On first glance, the Mate 9 looks very similar to last year’s Mate 8. However Huawei has improved the narrow vertical bezels and its slim profile, allowing it to be easier to hold than other large screen devices. Many reviews noted that holding the Mate 9 was more comfortable than their iPhone 7 Plus or Nexus 6P, which is impressive given that the Mate 9 has a larger screen.

There’s a fingerprint scanner at the back, which is extremely fast and accurate like most Huawei phones. You can also use the fingerprint scanner for gestures, allowing you to tap once to go back, press and hold to return to the home screen, or swipe down to open your notifications.

The mate 9 looks

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