The LG K4, one of LG's cheapest budget phones, received a refresh in 2017 to make it more competitive in the market. Despite its low price point, can it still perform well? In this review, we'll break down the key features of the LG K4.

Connectivity, Design and Cameras

3G & 4G Network: Reception shouldn't be an issue on the LG K4, as the LG K4 covers all the 3G bands used by Australian telcos. It also includes many 4G bands as well, to allow for access to fast 4G networks and making it a great phone for the future.

Screen and Body: The LG K4 has a 5 inch LCD screen at a 480 x 854 resolution. While the resolution isn't very high, LG has improved the screen quality from the last model to allow it to still look good. The body looks sleek and modern with rounded

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