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News / Events

  1. Smartphones with long battery life

    Which phones have the best battery life?

    With modern smartphones, a single charge will usually last you a day with moderate use. If you use your phone more heavily for activities such as gaming or streaming, you will get frustrated by the need to constantly recharge.

    Whether you are a heavy user who needs your phone to last the day, or a light user who wants your phone to last multiple days on standby, a long battery life is always a feature to consider. The most powerful phone has no use if it is out of battery. Here are some suggestions if you are after a phone with a long battery life.

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  2. Dual SIM 4G+3G Phones

    Why do you need 4G+3G Dual SIM?

    Since most dual SIM phones in the current generation are 4g+2g, the shutdown of Telstra’s 2G network at the start of December rendered these phones as single SIM, as the 2G slot can no longer connect to the Telstra network. With Optus and Vodafone also shutting down their 2G networks in 2017, there is an increasing need to turn the simultaneous 4G+3G phones if you require Dual SIM. As both slots are able to run at least 3G, 4G+3G phones are unaffected by the shutdown of 2G networks.

    Currently there are only a few chipsets that can run Dual Sim 4G+3G, and at Australian retailers, only 4 phones with 4G+3G support are being sold. At Mobileciti, we stock 3 of these models to offer a large selection,

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