Kids Mobile Phones

Kids Mobile Phones

Kids Mobile Phones

A child's first Mobile Phone is always an exciting event. Fortunately there are some great options out there for budget phones that makes a great first introduction to smartphone technology.

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When buying a phone for your children, here are some features to look for in making the best possible purchase:

  • Compact Form Factor & Smaller Screen: While the latest Samsung Note series or Huawei Mate series phone are great options for yourself, their large size and weight may not be suitable for children as they might find it difficult to hold in their hand and carry around in their pocket. Smaller compact phones are recommended to allow children to hold them comfortably.
  • Price and Type: There are many great budget smartphones out there which has excellent all-round functionality to allow for great first smartphone experiences. If you prefer limiting your child to basic calling and texting only, there are also classic keypad phones.
  • Durability: A child may not be the most responsible, so certain features such as IP68 waterproofing and Gorilla Glass are nice to have. It is also a good idea to add a case to the phone to give it as much protection as you can. 
  • Battery Life: A long battery is always a good features for the times the kids who may not be able to

This page has many recommendations for ideal mobile phones for kids and teenagers. There are many great options from a range of Brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, OPPO and more to give your children the best phone, with Fast Dispatch and Delivery Australia wide to ensure that they don't have to wait long to get the hands on it.