young woman holding a new oppo a 60 while relaxing outdoor

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with the OPPO A60, the latest addition to the renowned OPPO smartphone family. Designed for those who demand performance without breaking the bank, the OPPO A60 stands out as a budget smartphone that doesn't compromise on quality.

Sleek Design Meets Robust Performance

The OPPO A60 boasts a sleek, minimalist design that's both eye-catching and comfortable in the hand. But it's not just about looks; under the hood lies a powerhouse of performance.

With an advanced processor at its core, the OPPO A60 delivers lightning-fast speeds that keep up with your pace of life. Whether you're gaming, streaming, or multitasking, this phone handles it all with ease.

Ample Storage for All Your Needs

Say goodbye to storage woes. The OPPO A60 comes equipped with generous storage capacity, ensuring you have ample space for all your photos, videos, apps, and more. And if you need more, the expandable storage option means you'll never have to compromise on what you keep on your device.

Experience the Difference with OPPO

OPPO smartphones are synonymous with quality and innovation, and the OPPO A60 is no exception. It embodies the brand's commitment to bringing top-tier features to a budget-friendly price point.

From its crisp, clear display to its long-lasting battery life, every aspect of the OPPO A60 is designed to enhance your daily life.

Join the OPPO Revolution

With the OPPO A60, you're not just choosing a smartphone; you're choosing an experience. An experience where powerful performance, ample storage, and a sleek design come together to create something truly special.

So why wait? Step into the world of OPPO and let the OPPO A60 redefine what you expect from a budget smartphone.

OPPO: Pioneering Innovation in the Smartphone Industry

Since its inception in 2004, OPPO has been synonymous with innovation and quality. The company first made waves with its audiovisual products, but it was the launch of its first mobile phone in 2008 that marked OPPO's official entry into the competitive smartphone market.

A Unique Entry with a Smiley Face

OPPO's journey in the smartphone arena began with the OPPO A103 "Smiley Face", a device that not only stood out for its unique design but also signalled the brand's commitment to bringing joy and user-friendly experiences to its customers.

This ethos has been at the heart of OPPO's philosophy, driving them to create products that resonate with users' desires for both functionality and style.

Innovation as a Hallmark

What truly set OPPO apart and helped it gain a significant foothold was its dedication to innovation. OPPO smartphones quickly became known for their high-quality camera technology, fast charging capabilities, and sleek designs.

These features addressed the growing demand for smartphones that could support the fast-paced lifestyle of modern consumers.

The Camera Revolution

OPPO was among the first to introduce smartphones with rotating cameras and high-resolution front cameras, catering to the selfie trend and revolutionising smartphone photography.

Their focus on camera technology continued with features like 5x dual zoom and Ultra HD quality photos, making OPPO a go-to brand for photography enthusiasts.

Charging Ahead with Speed

Another area where OPPO led the market was with its VOOC fast charging technology.

This innovation drastically reduced the time needed to charge devices, a critical feature for users who are always on the move. OPPO's ability to combine cutting-edge technology with user-centric design allowed it to carve out a niche in the budget smartphone segment without compromising on quality.

The OPPO A60: Continuing the Legacy

The OPPO A60 is a testament to the brand's enduring legacy of innovation. It embodies all the qualities that have made OPPO a formidable player in the smartphone market—powerful performance, ample storage, and a sleek design—all while maintaining an accessible price point for budget-conscious consumers.

Oppo’s Standing in China and Around the Globe

As of the end of 2023, OPPO has solidified its presence both in China and on the global stage.

In China, OPPO has captured an impressive 18% market share, establishing itself as a leading brand in the country's smartphone market. This significant share reflects OPPO's deep understanding of the local market and its ability to deliver products that resonate with consumers' preferences.

Globally, OPPO has secured the fourth position in the smartphone market, holding 8.8% of the total market share with over 103.1 million shipments. This achievement underscores OPPO's international appeal and the brand's success in offering innovative features and reliable performance across a wide range of markets.

The OPPO A60, as part of the OPPO smartphone lineup, contributes to this success story by offering a budget smartphone option without compromising on the quality and innovation that customers have come to expect from OPPO. With its powerful performance, ample storage, and sleek design, the OPPO A60 exemplifies the brand's commitment to making cutting-edge technology accessible to a broader audience.


OPPO's market share is a testament to its strategic vision and relentless pursuit of excellence, which have propelled the brand to the forefront of the smartphone industry both in China and around the world. OPPO's journey is a story of a brand that has consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible in the smartphone industry, and the OPPO A60 continues this tradition, offering a premium experience at a budget-friendly price.