Over the last 20+ years, Mobileciti has established itself as a leading online mobile phone retailer, that is 100% Australian owned and operated. We've always had an extremely large range of mobile phones, tablets and wearable products, getting the latest technology for low prices for all our customers. In addition, we provide the finest and most professional customer service to all customers, all our products are Australian stock with manufacturer's warranty, and a GST tax invoice is provided with all purchases.
In the last few years, we have experienced a great amount of growth, as we have continued to stay strong with our established categories and while picking up many new categories and brands, especially in the Technology, Gadgets, and Audio segments. 2020 especially has been a challenging year so far with the current situation, but we have continued to work hard with suppliers and brands to support the key categories. In this post, we will have a look at some of our latest brands, categories and products, to introduce you to some of the latest tech!

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones continue to be our main category, the beauty of growing mobile phone demand and brands means that we are able to bring many new Mobile Phone brands with different features to suit all customers. Samsung, OPPO, Huawei, LG and Motorola continue to be strong established brands, while it is very exciting to see the impact brands like Xiaomi, vivo and realme have made after entering the Australian market. In terms of features, we have seen a greater amount of Dual SIM phones over the years as customers are after more flexibility, Top Camera Phones being a priority of most flagships, and a growing niche of Gaming Phones. Two interesting new Mobile Phones released in 2020 are the realme X3 Superzoom and the OPPO Find X2 Pro
The realme X3 SuperZoom is realme's latest hero product into the Australian market, with 60x SuperZoom, Snapdragon 855+, 6.57"120Hz Display, Dual SIM 4G, and 128GB of storage / 8GB RAM onboard to make it an excellent all-round phone. Impressed? What you will find it hard to believe is that it also does it all with an Australian RRP of only $699. Until July 29 2020, there is also Bonus Buds Air with redemption from realme with all X3 SuperZoom orders (please see listing for full details).
realme X3 Superzoom
OPPO is a brand that has helped the Canstar Blue award for "Most Satisfied Customers - Smartphones" for a few years now, for a long history of providing high quality and value-for-money phones that Australian customers are satisfied with. With their latest release of the Find X2 series, and its flagship, the Find X2 Pro, OPPO once again showcases the sheer power that possible in a smartphone. With 5G connectivity, 6.7" 120Hz Display, a 48MP tri-camera setup, 65W SuperVOOC fast charging, Snapdragon 865, and 512GB of storage / 12GB of RAM, OPPO has not held back.


Audio is a category that continues to see growth. Headphones, Earphones and Speakers are becoming very popular, especially those that are portable and have features like Noise Cancellation, or Voice Activation. We have brought in a range of the latest products from key brands like Apple, Beats, Bose, JBL, Sony and Sennheiser, to allow for a large selection of the best products. 
Two popular recent releases are the Apple Airpods Pro and the Huawei Freebuds 3. With the Apple Airpods Pro, Apple has made drastic changes to the traditional Airpods Series by adding Earbud Tips and also Noise Cancellation, and it has been a hit on all departments, with its comfort, audio quality and ease of use well regarded by most. An alternative to the Airpods Pro is the Huawei Freebuds 3, another interesting true wireless earphone. It has an open design without tips, yet also active noise cancellation, making it a really unique option in the market. 
Freebuds 3

Smart Home

Smart Home has some of the most innovative product ranges, and been a major category for the latest big releases. Our homes are the most important place, and automating many features of the home and smartening it up really makes things easier and more convenient. As a result, many smart home devices today have phone connectivity and voice assistant to allow for great control. Brands like Eufy, Arlo and Xiaomi are recent additions to our ranges and have already become very popular sellers. Security Sytems these days have many features such as high-resolution HD/FHD monitoring to the cloud with excellent night vision, alerts for suspicious activity, and loud sirens to keep your home safe. Air Purifiers remove pollutants from the air, and has been an effective device during the bushfire crisis. Smart Speakers take in your voice and are able to take commands and provide assistance to your requests. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners now pack a lot of power, with many also having features to allow you to control routes, return to charging dock, and multiple different cleaning modes and sensors. One of the latest Smart Home Brands that has become popular is Eufy, who has a large range of Security Systems, Robot Vacuum Cleaners and Smart Scales.


Tablets & PC

Tablets and PC has always been one of the key categories and a bit category for working from home. Nowadays, tablets and PCs continue to see advancements in speed, screen quality, and form factor. We feature many Samsung and Huawei tablet & PC options. It has also been exciting to showcase one of the latest additions to our range: Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD 21:9 FreeSync Gaming Monitor. It is a massive curved Ultrawide Monitor that is perfect for gaming with its 144Hz refresh rate and its AMD FreeSync Support. 

Xiaomi Mi Curved Monitor



The upstart Wearable category continues to improve, with Smart Watches and Fitness Trackers sporting many designs and features. Leading brands like Fitbit, Samsung and Huawei have delivered many wearable devices that have revolutionised communication and exercise technology. The Huawei Watch GT 2e is an example of such a device, bringing many sleek and stylish colour options, long battery life, and heart-rate and Blood Oxygen Sp02 sensors. 

Huawei Watch GT 2e

Tech & Gadgets

One of the latest categories that has seen large expansion is the Tech & Gadgets Categories. There is a range of new products that have seen great popularity. Camera drones and Gimbals have revolutionaries photography. Electric Scooters have seen great advancements in speed, battery life and safety. Dashcams have achieved high resolutions and have many different sensors in their recording. Many brands such as DJI, Segway and Xiaomi have been leading the innovation, continuing releasing high-quality Tech and Gadget products. The Xiaomi QiCYCLE has been a popular Smart eBike that is easily folded and capable of a range of up to 45km.