Motorola Edge 20 display

The smartphone market is currently teeming with innovative models that offer more than just high performance to users. One such model is the Motorola Edge 20 Fusion, released in the latter half of 2021 and equipped with edgy features, this mobile phone is a good daily companion for individuals from all walks of life. Motorola has launched several units since early last year. This lineup, which includes the Edge 20 Fusion, appeals to budget-conscious people but does not sacrifice quality specs and functionality.

Know more about the Motorola Edge 20 Fusion and its advantages. Check out some key product highlights below:

Advanced Camera System

Motorola Edge 20 camera

This model sports a high-powered 108 MP main sensor camera—an impressive upgrade for the brand, whose past units were panned for lacklustre camera quality. It comes with an Ultra Pixel technology that lets you capture highly vivid and detailed shots. The phone has 9 times the low light sensitivity of other smartphones under the same price range. Along with a depth sensor, the Edge 20 Fusion is also equipped with a front-facing 32MB camera that delivers sharp and smooth selfies, thanks to an in-built Quad pixel technology. Other notable features of this phone's advanced camera system include 118-degree wide angle shots and macro vision.

Vibrant High-Definition Display

6.7 inches in height, the Edge 20 Fusion guarantees an HDR10+ OLED display and a 90Hz refresh rate, which facilitates smooth scrolling and overall visuals. Its screen has one of the biggest aspect ratios among the latest Motorola lineups. Moreover, you can enjoy a high-resolution widescreen viewing experience with true-to-life colours in over a billion shades. This smartphone provides 25% more colour range than old models and some of its contemporaries. The extensive 10-bit DCI-P36 colour coverage allows you to access extra colours only possible through HDR displays.

Impressive Battery Life

With only a single charge of its 5000 mAh battery, you can use the Edge 20 Fusion for days. 10 minutes of charging with this phone's TurboPower™ 30W charger supplies 12 hours of power. Now you can easily get back to important tasks with little to no interruptions. It frees up much of your charging time, letting you power up your device sans the long wait. The lightning fast charger is very handy, reliable and convenient to carry around wherever, whenever.

High-Speed 5G Connectivity

As one of the new generation of Motorola smartphones, the Edge 20 Fusion has been upgraded with 5G capabilities. From dual 5G performance to superfast speed, this phone works well with any 5G network setting. Just insert and activate a 5G SIM to boost your gaming, net browsing, streaming and photo and video editing. Expect much lower lag (or none at all), quicker uploads and downloads, and an overall better online lifestyle.

Peak Performance Processor

Besides your 5G connection, this unit's MediaTek Dimensity 800U processor ensures a fast phone speed, lag-free gaming and streaming, quality video calls and quick access to apps, media files or online information. The processor boosts cores up to 2.4GHz, resulting in peak performance and seamless connectivity. With your 5G dual SIM, the Dimensity 800U helps improve signal coverage while not consuming too much power.

Business-Grade Security

The Edge 20 Fusion makes it easy to protect your data. It is built with high-end security features including a ThinkShield for mobile. This platform will not only provide security notifications but will also enhance and improve existing security features. It ensures a clean Android OS and safeguards your phone against malware, viruses, phishing, network attacks and other threats. In case you lose your device or it gets stolen, you can lock or disable it remotely.

Professional Design

Where design is concerned, the Edge 20 Fusion holds its ground. It showcases a striking but functional style that is evident inside-out. The phone's glossy frame has curved edges and is smooth to the touch. Choose from two bold colours, Electric Graphite and Cyber Teal, and be a standout in the crowd. Edge 20's design is water-repellent and prevents spills, splashes and slight immersion from causing further damage.

Where to Buy the Motorola Edge 20 Fusion

Now that you have a general overview of this smartphone's specs and important features, the next step is to place an order online or visit a tech store to view and scrutinise the unit in person. Motorola Edge 20 Fusion is just one of many units released by Motorola. If you prefer to explore other releases from the same brand, you can simply head over to Mobileciti's smartphone section and click on the Motorola page for a full list of available units. We update the list from time to time as the brand continues to reinvent itself with new models almost every quarter. Get exclusive discounts, free shipping or other perks by ordering a Motorola smartphone today!