TCL Mobile Phone

TCL is a China-based international firm that manufactures smart TVs, laptops, tablets, handouts, and naturally mobile phones, as this article relates to. 

Surprisingly, TCL, one of the leading companies in China, launched its Mobile Phone Division that has introduced many models under different names, including BlackBerry, Alcatel, and even Palm, in the early 2000s. 

It also develops and manufactures its own mobile phones, which it markets under the same brand name across various world markets.

In reality, TCL is not only concentrating on mobile phone production, but they are also a manufacturing powerhouse in the television sector. 

TCL Phones

TCL mobile phones are famous for their low price and trendy features. They operate on Android mobile phones, with the majority of these having custom user interfaces and applications.

TCL mobile phones are categorised into various network technologies such as 4G, 5G and VoLTE.

So, let’s begin this article targeting some of the phones they currently have on the market and their spec and performance – after that, we shall check them out more closely and what general reviews they have been getting. 

Finally, we will also discuss how well they are doing in terms of the market share inside China and their presence globally. 

Read on as if you don’t know much about TCL you’re in for a surprise with the stats we have for you.

TCL 40 X 5G

5G phone: This is a budget-friendly telephone that gives reliable performance and battery life. However, you won’t find high-spec features such as waterproofing; however, NFC can be added via third-party accessories like USB ports or Bluetooth headsets for wireless transfer of data files from mobile devices. 

A Quad camera is set up on the back, starting from the top. The main unit is rated at 48 MP and has a 1.79mm lens inside. The second one is a Birds-eye-view, which is similar to what Apple does. It has also placed a fingerprint sensor on the side, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot.

TCL 30 V 5G

Verizon’s newest 5G bands are available on their cheap 5G phone. It has a 6.67-inch FHD+ display, Snapdragon 480 5G processor, 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM with the more powerful Pro model, which boasts a main sensor in its quad-camera rear setup as opposed to the main snapper on non-Pro models. It’s paired with an ultra-wide-angle shooter instead of other manufacturers' favoured ultrawide lens. It also features a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot.

TCL 20 Pro G

This luxury 5G phone features a stylish design and outstanding screen. It comes with a 6.67-inch FHD+ AMOLED display, Snapdragon 750G 5G processor, 256GB storage and 6GB RAM. It features a quad rear camera set-up of which the primary sensors are 48MP combined with with 32 MP front shooter for selfies.  The battery power is 2390mAh It also has an under-display fingerprint sensor, a 3.5mm audio jack and a microSD card slot.

TCL mobile phones have generally positive customer feedback based on user reviews and ratings on various websites, such as PCMag GSMArena, Which?, and Trusted Reviews. Some of the common praises are:

  • These phones are value for money as they provide good configuration and features at a low rate.
  • The phones have good displays, providing bright, vivid and colourful visuals.
  • The phones have long battery life that takes them between a day and more of use on one charge.
  • Phones work perfectly, performing basic operations and supporting 5G speeds flawlessly and stably.
  • The phones are designed well, as they have a smooth and strong build, superior looks, and feel good to hold.

TCL's mobile phones also use some of the latest technologies in the industry, such as:


This is a display technology that offers customers more of a paper-like experience, with blue light reduction but no eye strain for the users. The TCL 50 XE NXTPAPER 5G and the TCL 50 XL NXTPAPER are the first phones imported and used in America with this technology.

Mini LED

This is a new type of backlight technology that has thousands of microscopic LEDs used to illuminate different areas on the screen, and it increases contrast and brightness while delivering superior colour accuracy. One high-end phone that features this technology is the TCL 20 Pro5G.

AiPQ Engine

This is an AI-based image quality technology that allows the processing of various content types, visual elements and audio-visual environments for deriving highly immersive and realistic images. Budget phones such as the TCL 20 SE and the TCL 20S  utilise this technology.

Market Share

Get ready to be surprised.

TCL’s share in the mobile phones market is significant, both within China and outside – it has performed extremely well, especially in emerging markets.

The TCL reports show that the company sold 43 million handsets in a space of one year, making them ranked number seven among the top mobile phone manufacturers globally; this is very surprising to many people, but a lot of Chinese companies can go under the radar in the West. 

It also had a 10.6% market share in China, where the company rank fourth, and finally, it enjoyed a 9.8% market share of global total shipments in G handsets at the end, ranking fifth globally. The company was also in the top 5 tech companies in another 20 countries and regions, for example, Canada, America, France and India.

So, if you are looking for reliable technology, there is no need to go anywhere. 

A lot of other people are familiar with the brand, in and outside China, even if you personally haven’t come across them until reading this article. 


TCL mobile phones suit those customers who would like to have a basic smartphone at a budget price and are looking for decent enough tech for performing everyday tasks and need to be updated with 5G. Well, we all know that the more popular and expensive brands will always have something newer than everything else in town. But still, as far as something that is in many people’s price range and will do a fantastic job  - why look further than TCL?