woman holds unlocked phone

Buying an unlocked mobile phone is a smart choice. Although the purchase may weigh on your pocket at times, there is long-term value in choosing the unlocked route.

If you were able to save enough for a new device or secure a favourable installment plan, your next step is to buy your preferred mobile phone model. With a wide range of brands to choose from - Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, OnePlus to name a few, the buying and selection process may not be without challenges.

To aid in your quest for a quality unlocked device, here are some helpful mobile tips:

LTE vs 5G

Though they both essentially support fast data transmission and download, the clear difference between LTE and 5G is speed. As more and more mobile manufacturers upgrade their older units to 5G, you could be wondering if there is a need to switch to a 5G device at all.

It is true that 4G networks overpowered previous technology like the 3G. However, it is currently crowded. In Australia, the bandwidths are saturated with 4G users, which leads to network slowdowns and choppy data connections.

Besides speed, 5G is capable of accommodating approximately a million mobile phones per square kilometre. While the technology itself is not perfect, as an upgraded version of previous networks, there is hardly any limit to the number of phones you can use simultaneously. Link up as many phones in your possession and you will be surprised at how reliable the connection is.

As mentioned, 5G technology is a work in progress so we cannot expect a disruption-free service each time. Despite affording you with access to fast, reliable and lower latency networks, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Aesthetics vs Functionality

One clear advantage of an unlocked mobile phone is that you can customise it any way you want to. Units not bound by carrier contracts can be physically altered, enhanced or modified at the user's leisure. But aesthetics can only go so far.

When choosing mobile phones Australia, leave no stone unturned. If a unit has an aesthetically pleasing design and also offers great functionality, there is no reason to choose one quality over another. Shop a model that fulfills your need for both. Aesthetic and functional phones, such as the latest offerings from Apple, Huawei and Samsung, are versatile and can be used in any setting.

Affordability vs High-End Features

Whether you choose to buy a cheap mobile phone with a price that corresponds with your budget or a more expensive unit with top-grade features, the prerogative is yours. If budget permits, an unlocked mobile phone that is already equipped with 5G capability makes for an ideal choice.

While still weighing your options, strive to choose a device based on your needs rather on trends. This method ensures win-win outcomes. We also recommend that you prioritise these qualities the next time you buy a smartphone:

  • Long battery life
  • Quick charging (plus a lightning charger)
  • Processor (e.g. Qualcomm Snapdragon, Apple A14 Bionic)
  • Camera (smartphones with multiple cameras produce sharper photos)
  • User interface
  • Ease of navigation
  • Operating system
  • Build
  • Storage capacity (both RAM and ROM)
  • Screen size
  • Security features (e.g. fingerprint sensor, face unlock)

Shortlist Your Favourite Mobile Phone Brands

Decisiveness is key. Should you find yourself in a crossroads, make a shortlist of your smartphone choices. This will narrow down the selection and help you finalise your purchase decision.

Among the best unlocked mobile phones, streamline your choices to at least three. You want to be informed as much as possible about your top three picks. If you can spare some time, lay out a simple SWOT analysis of each device. Compare prices, list down the technical advantages and disadvantages of each, and think long-term. Whichever model ticks all the boxes, then that unlocked smartphone should be your final choice.

Reading tech reviews for each prospective mobile phone is also beneficial. The experience of other users can serve as a guide post.

Shop Online

In view of the global situation, many users prefer to shop for an unlocked mobile phone at online stores. It is easier to compare prices and specs as you browse through a range of products. And much like flagship stores, you can also get a warranty for the phone you purchased online.

Reputable online stores like Mobileciti.com.au offer discounts on a regular basis. They have a wide selection of unlocked mobile phones from every brand with free shipping for all orders over $100. Orders made before 4 P.M. will be dispatched on the same day.

Final Thoughts

For a successful purchase of an unlocked mobile phone, pay attention to these mobile tips. Remember to anchor your decisions on your needs or wants and invest in a device you can use for a long time. Finally, take in whatever information you can get and make sure you are getting what you deserve as an enlightened buyer.