Wearable Tech

Wearable technology gadgets are more than just fitness and fun; they are catching on fast and a market exploding before our eyes, or maybe not, as this is new news to many! The core design and ethos behind this emerging market are set about helping you improve your productivity and efficiency in the office, at home or wherever connectivity allows. 

  • There is equipment you can wear that will help you manage time more efficiently, communicate better, concentrate better, or learn faster.

In this article, we are going to explore some of the mainstream tech companies that are well-known, but we also show you a few unheard-of companies bringing up superior ground-breaking technology that want to make themselves known in what could be regarded as an emerging market. 

So, let's get going!


Apple is the initiator of next-generation electronics for ordinary users. When It comes to wearable technology products produced by Apple, they deserve to be the first ones in this article, as let’s be honest with each other; they’ve been the cheerleaders: the Apple Watch and AirPods for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Don't take your eyes off Apple in the wearable technology gadgets market, as they always produce high-end solutions, and their loyal customer base doesn’t mind forking out plenty of dollars for whatever they release! 


Samsung is a huge company that we are all aware of that produces electronic devices, home appliances, mobile phones, and more, and pretty much excels at everything they do and has smashed some of its competition in the last decade into the ground. Samsung wearable tech products include such items as the Galaxy Watch – a smartwatch capable of tracking your stress levels, sleep patterns and even blood pressure. Another example is the Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds that can produce some serious sound quality enabled by the noise cancellation feature. Samsung just like Apple has millions of consumers and fans just waiting for their next release and you’ll likely be on a waiting list!


Fitbit is one of the first and foremost brands in wearable technology, especially a fitness tracker brand that helps you monitor your steps, giving ratings on overall daily calories burnt by monitoring every move down to standing up from a couch survey, continuously monitors heart rate when resting or during workouts and even sleep pattern while on bed. Some of Fitbit’s wearable tech include the Fibril Charge, which tracks your activity and exercise during the day.


One of the largest brands in GPS and navigation, offering a number of devices for automotive, marine use and outdoor products, to name a few. Garmin's wearables technology products include the following: The Garmin Forerunner is an advanced watch with running, cycling and swimming trackers. The device can track and monitor your daily workout activity. Besides, the Venu model by Garmin is considered a smartwatch displaying health, fitness, and wellness data benefits.


Sony needs no introduction, but here it goes. We all know they are a Japanese multinational conglomerate that produces and sells consumer electronic products, gaming products, and entertainment devices. But mainstream sales for Sony over the last decade have been dwarfed by Samsung in some of their more mainstream sectors. So Sony has dipped its toe into various wearable tech products, some of which include the Sony SmartWatch – a watch that can connect to your smartphone and show you notifications, apps and music; another one is their latest product, the …Sony smart eyeglasses—these glasses project information as well as images onto lenses.

Some Companies You May Be Surprised to Hear About

Now, those were the mainstream companies that we are the most familiar with, but this will give you an idea of how this niche is growing and growing fast as these companies are not only in on the act but totally thriving and bringing some really new tech spec into the market...take a look:

The Focals 2.0 From North

Their smart glasses are a sleek and unobtrusive way to get digital information and keep connected without looking at your mobile phone all the time. The Focals 2.0 displays a holographic screen on top of your lenses, giving you notifications, messages, navigation data in real life, weather updates, and more. It will also let you communicate with the glasses by way of voice control, gestures, or a ring controller. Focals 2.0 can keep you surfed and on time all day and organise your information.

The Muse 2 

A headband device that can assist you in boosting your mental performance and well-being by providing a live response to:

  • Brain activity
  • Heart pulse rhythm
  • Breathing rate
  • And body movements

The Muse 2, just like its predecessor, uses sensors and sounds, but this one guides you into a meditation session, helps reduce your stress, enhances focus and increases creativity. Muse 2 will help you feel calm and clear in terms of your mind, which ultimately helps increase productivity and efficacy.

Motiv Ring 

This is one of the devices that can assist you in monitoring and increasing your physical security along with online security. Motiv Ring is one such brand that offers a compact and lightweight ring that measures your heart rate, as well as monitors your sleep to give details of the number of calories burnt. It can perform as a password manager, opening your devices and accounts using only your one-of-a-kind biometric signature. The Motiv Ring can keep you updated on the things that matter most to your health, safety and productivity – without ever compromising style or comfort.

Timeular Tracker 

This is a gadget that can be of use when it comes to making sure you manage and get the most out of your time. For instance, the Timeular Tracker is composed of eight-sided dice that can allocate different tasks or projects to each side. You set the dice on whichever side indicates what you are doing at any one time, and it will start timing off your activities automatically. Also, this app allows you to see your data, set goals, and create reports. Timeular Tracker can help you deal with time, develop better habits, and become more productive.

Nuraphone - From NURA

These headphones are gadgets that are all about music and sound quality and can assist you in good portability while moving anywhere. The Nuraphone, has noise-cancelling features and can conform to one’s unique hearing profile, giving a personalised sound that matches your ear. The same app can also help you adjust the immersion, bass level and even transparency. With the Nuraphone headphones, you will be able to listen to clarity in music, podcasts, audiobooks, and even more, as everything is filled with depth and clarity of sound.


Wearable technology gadgets can be appropriated for use in different sectors and industries, including healthcare, education, and entertainment, among others. The wearable tech industry is an emerging and fascinating sector, which will increase in the next few years with more innovative tech to offer users greater access to better physically, mentally and also get more organised; Cant be a bad thing, can it?