“Happiness… is a freshly cleaned home” says an old quote. Cleaning an entire household is challenging especially when you have other commitments lined up, but there are ways to overcome this. Keep your home organised and in good working order with an innovative cleaning equipment, designed to change your lifestyle for the better. Why not save yourself the hassle and buy robotic vacuum cleaners? These machines are proof that while there is a clear line between efficiency and productivity, you can actually achieve both with the right product.

Are robotic vacuum cleaners worth the investment? What models are currently making waves in the market? Below we list down some of our solid recommendations:

360 S10 LiDARs Ultra-Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vauum Cleaner 360 S10 Black

Transform your home into the epitome of spic and span with this high-end vacuum cleaner model. Composed of three different lasers, the S10 LiDAR system uses a main laser to identify objects within 6 to 8 metres distance. It also has a front laser that detects an object’s size details provided its height is more than a centimetre. The third and final laser determines whether to sweep beneath objects or go a different route. S10’s triple-eye laser is capable of detecting hundreds of obstacles and knows when and when not to avoid them.

Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max

If you are looking for robotic vacuum cleaners that are designed for floor mopping, the Roborock S5 MAX is a highly recommended model. Set up no-mop and no-go zones to have full control over this cleaner’s direction and movements. Equipped with a spring-loaded mop, it can press down as much as 11 ounces or 300 grams of water throughout the duration of its mopping. This intelligent device is powered by a 32-bit quad core processor, which allows it to map out an effective cleaning route and understand shapes and obstacle sizes. The S5 MAX can cover a lot of ground while navigating around obstacles.

Multiple sensors, which includes a compass, infra-red, odometer, accelerometer, bumper, and blueprint of your home, ensure safe navigation and thorough coverage. Its high accuracy sensors prevent accidents and aimless movements (e.g. getting trapped, wall slamming, falling off the staircase). Expect obstacles on any surface, be it a hard floor or a carpet, to disappear in seconds. The S5 MAX comes with a strong suction, an auto recharge feature, and a special fan that channels airflow in structured pathways while spinning at 1500 rotations per minute.

eufy RoboVac 35C 1500Pa WiFi Robot Vacuum

eufy Robo Vacuum

Automated cleaning that is within your control and in accordance with your preferences is made more convenient with the eufy RoboVac - an intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner. This device has a slim design, nearly 3 inches, with boundary strips that allow you to clean select areas. Its upgraded suction can exert pressure of up to 1500Pa. If the RoboVac’s BoostIQ technology determines a need for higher vacuum strength, it automatically increases the suction power in 1.5 seconds. Now you can clean well without taking too much time.

This eufy model is also known for its three brushes, quiet movements and triple filter system. It is no louder than a microwave. Moreover, you can loosen suction strength and extract or vacuum dirt from its 0.6L dustbox where necessary. Like most intelligent cleaning devices, the eufy RoboVac is not prone to tripping, falling or slamming against objects thanks to a built-in drop-sensing technology. Not only does it come with an app for customising cleaning routes and duration, but it also has special dual-hall sensors that lets it stay within borders and clean only the areas of your preference. When having trouble finding the RoboVac’s location, access your eufyHome app and tap the Find My Robot button so the tracker will reveal where it got stuck or last stopped.

Invest in Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Now

Whether you are a modern household or an individual who simply wants a comfortable and orderly lifestyle, robotic vacuum cleaners add value to your home. They are easy to operate and intelligent enough to perform cleaning tasks with little supervision. You can focus on important matters while keeping your living space in tip-top shape. A smart vacuum cleaner is just what you need for maximum productivity but without the added stress.