Because of their high refresh rates and lower input lags, serious gamers would not hesitate to invest in quality gaming monitors. Gaming monitors create a whole new experience for gamers, increasing their performance and enjoyment of their favourite games. With the market currently saturated with all kinds of monitors from different tech brands, searching for one that fits your standards can be challenging. In a throng of monitor brands and models, however, the Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor stands out.

Xiaomi curved gaming monitor

What makes this gaming monitor a worthy purchase for the tech savvy is its arsenal of specs on top of its ability to support high-performance gaming. This gaming monitor's next level responsiveness is a boon user experience in many ways. Without further adieu, we list down some important qualities of the Xiaomi Mi Curved for potential customers planning to buy this product soon.

Wide Panoramic View

An advanced gaming monitor that provides a wide visibility range, the Xiaomi Mi Curved boasts a 21:9 ratio, which is 30 percent wider than the usual 16:9 ratio. You get to enjoy an expansive field of view plus extra peripheral vision, as though seeing scenes and scenery from a bird's eye view. Its 1500R curved design enhances your sense of depth and makes it easier to enjoy competitive games.

wide panoramic view of Xiaomi curved gaming monitor

High Resolution and Vivid Quality

The large 34-inch 3440 x 1440 display produces stunning HD visuals while also creating an immersive experience. This monitor has a maximum display brightness of up to 300nits and a 3000:1 contrast ratio, which ensures high colour accuracy and image clarity. You have less time to zoom and more time to immerse in a game or a task at hand. Screen size is also big enough for people with visual impairments. Every viewing is like having your very own mini cinema at home.

Responsive and High Refresh Rate

One reason why gamers would always prefer to buy a gaming monitor over a regular one is responsiveness. Gaming monitors have faster response times and are capable of smoother actions and transitions than regular monitors. It's a great advantage when you often play in a competitive setting. The Xiaomi Mi Curved has an impressive 4 ms response time and a 144 Hz refresh rate. Gamers would find these specs plenty fast enough.

No Screen Tearing and Stuttering

Equipped with AMD FreeSync technology, which completely eliminates screen stuttering and tearing if used with a compatible graphics card, the Mi Curved syncs the monitor's refresh rate performance with your graphics card's frame rate. This technology is free and readily optimised for fast and lag free gaming. No more choppy gameplays and broken frames, thanks to this gaming monitor's GPU syncing capabilities.

Multiple Port Options

You can connect several devices to this monitor. From projectors to consoles to cameras, the Mi Curved has built-in ports that facilitate connectivity. It has 2 HDMI ports, 2 DP ports and 1 audio port. Note that the Mi Curved does not have built-in speakers and not all speaker models or brands may be compatible. With the right settings, you can connect and enable compatible monitor speakers to play audio instead. It's also best to purchase speakers from the same brand for maximum sound enjoyment.

Comprehensive Colour Spectrum

The Mi Curved's stunning visuals are supported by a wide colour gamut and 121% sRGB. This means a colour vibrancy unlike any other. As a rule of thumb, when looking for a gaming monitor with the best colour gamut, anything below 100% sRGB is less than ideal. Whereas 100% sRGB and above usually means better colour gamut and more vividness. To reduce eye strain, you have the option to adjust monitor settings and reduce vibrancy where necessary.

Get Your Own Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor

Many customers are surprised by how good this gaming monitor is. For its size and specs, you can purchase the Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor at an affordable price. It offers more than just the basic menu options. You can game all day long and experience little to no screen lags, tearing or stuttering. The ultrawide curved monitor also produces an immersive panoramic view that lets you take in every detail and does not obstruct your vision.

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