Fitness Trackers

Fitness Trackers

Latest Top Huawei Fitness and Activity Trackers

Fitness trackers, health and data tracking wearables and fitness bands made by Huawei are becoming increasingly popular.

These are an excellent way for people that want to see more data and effectively track their physical activity in more ways than just a calorie reader on a treadmill.

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Here at Mobileciti, we are stocking a wide range of fitness trackers to help people who focus on dropping those pounds and burning plenty of calories.

Here are some of the benefits people get from these devices:


Activity trackers are perfect if you are on your own or competing with a friend or group.

It acts as a reminder for exercise, like an alarm clock for working out. It helps you organise daily, weekly, and monthly achievable targets. If you fall behind, it will help you make it up.

If you are working out alone, consider it your friend, as it will keep pushing you to hit your goals.

Everyday Motivation

With a fitness band, it offers visual progress. You can view the amount of calories you've burned, how many steps you have walked today and your activity levels and time. At the same time, it motivates you to push yourself harder.

Set and Achieve Goals

Trackers can help people training for long-distance running and those striving for weight loss or mass gain.

Dietary Help and Assistance

Nutrition plays a significant role in achieving all targets, distance, weight loss and muscle gain. A fitness band isn't just for tracking workouts. It can also log your food, supplements and fluid intakes.

Being able to track your calories in and out can help you to balance out your diet plan to keep hitting your targets.


Activity trackers can also help you stay away from your phone during a workout while keeping you connected simultaneously.

Most trackers use Bluetooth, which will keep you notified of people trying to contact you while you are in the middle of a run or hitting the weights.

Sleep Tracking

Getting the right amount of sleep is also essential when achieving exercise targets and weight loss or muscle gain; rest is necessary.

Sleep can positively or negatively affect your energy levels, metabolism, cravings, and general mood.

A tracker benefits you by keeping data about your sleeping patterns and nocturnal behaviour. They will guide you to ensure you are optimising your rest time.

Heart Rate Monitoring

All the trackers on the market monitor heart rates. This helps you control the intensity of each set of exercises. It is essential to know what age group you are in and what the suggested optimal beats per minute are recommended, so you don't overdo it.

Manufacturer: Huawei

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fitness Tracker?

It is a device worn on your wrist that monitors a combination of distance travelled, heart rate, swimming laps and sleeping patterns. They also work with mobile devices and tablets to download your daily, weekly and monthly activities. Many smartwatches link to different apps to monitor your health, whereas trackers usually have more functions.

How do these trackers work?

Once you wear a tracker, they constantly monitor your body movements using a 3-axis accelerometer. Your data is continuously recorded while the device is worn or powered up. Therefore the tracker can trace if the user is walking, running and doing any physical activity.

What should I know before buying a tracker?

Well, it is a case of asking yourself what you want to achieve as there are many different brands with different functions and systems.

What are the most common functions?

  • Real-time tracking
  • Monitoring capabilities
  • Tech support with specific models
  • Compatible with health apps on mobile and tablets

Have an idea of what you are looking to achieve, and here at Mobileciti, one of our dedicated team will be able to advise the best fit for your needs.

What is the battery life of the fitness tracker?

They can vary, but models on the market have replaceable batteries that typically last 18 months. Some versions come with rechargeable batteries that usually last between 25 days and one month.

How do I reset the fitness tracker?

Using Fitbit as an example:

  • Go to the 'Settings' app
  • Press 'About'
  • Scroll to 'Factory Reset' or on some Fitbit devices; this can also be 'Clear User Data.'
  • Your device will then ask you if you are sure you want to reset and wipe all your stored data from the tracker;
  • Click 'Yes'

Of course, this is just one example, and this will vary with different brands, but you'll find a tracker a lot quicker and easier to learn how to navigate around than when you bought your first tablet or smartphone.

How much is the cost of a fitness tracker?

Here at MobileCiti, we have fitness trackers under $100, brands such as Apple and Huawei are in the $700-$800 range, and other models are priced in between.

Naturally, these models have many differences, including functionality and performance; deciding what you want to get out of a tracker is a case.

Manufacturer: Huawei