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Drones are changing our society for the better and we have more than one reason to appreciate these inventions. Besides taking videography and photography to the next level, drones camera give us a whole new perspective of the world around us. Not to mention how navigating one is enjoyable and makes for a worthwhile hobby. If you have been meaning to buy a drone but are on the fence about it due to budget concerns, then rest easy because you can manoeuvre or fly drones under $700. Check out these affordable models below and purchase at your convenience.

DJI Mini SE Drone

dji mini se drone

One of DJI's more prominent models, the DJI Mini SE provides a good balance between a smooth drone flying experience and affordability. For a little over $400, you can purchase this drone at trusted tech stores in Australia without cracking your budget. Lightweight, portable and easy to move around, at under 249 grams it weighs no heavier than a regular smartphone. It is a safe drone to fly around and great for both seasoned hobbyists and beginners. Connect the Mini SE with the DJI Fly app to access its simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface, which lets you choose from various Creator Templates and orchestrate cinematic shots in a matter of seconds.

Beginners can refer to the Flight Tutorial feature to get started and fly the drone safely. The DJI Mini SE produces clear and smooth 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K Quad HD video footage, stabilised by a 3-axis motorised gimbal. Because of its small lightweight frame, this drone can stay in the air longer than other models in the same category. With a full battery, you get to enjoy approximately half an hour of flight time. Switch to smooth mode if you want to decrease flight speed and move at the Mini SE at a more precise and stable pace (ideal for flying around rough or narrow areas).

Chasing Dory Underwater Drone

chasing dory drone

While we are more familiar with aerial drones, the good news is that there are also drones designed for underwater use. If you want to explore the deep without having to go under yourself, drones like the Chasing Dory Underwater Drone are highly recommended. This particular model is equipped with a WiFi Buoy that links to your mobile device up to a distance of 50 feet. Its frame is small and you can easily learn how to use it in minutes. A built-in GPS makes it easier to keep track of your location while an anti-lost feature ensures you are properly warned whenever the drone is in danger of getting lost.

Despite its size, the Chasing Dory is capable of capturing vivid, high-resolution underwater shots. Highlight features include an f/1.6 aperture camera, two 250-lumen lights, an algorithm that restores colour, and a 1080p high definition video mode. This drone produces high quality videos and photos even under low light conditions. For better control over your underwater experience, it is best to connect the Chasing Dory drone with your smartphone. Standard retail price for this model is usually around $700 below.

DJI Tello Drone

tello drone

Another impressive unit from DJI, the Tello is a great drone to have for kids and adults alike. Similar to the models out in the market right now, the Tello has intuitive controls and is easier to use when linked to your smartphone. What sets this drone apart from the rest is its two antennas that allow for quick, stable and hassle-free video transmission. Retailing for less than $200, this unit has a high-end battery that lets you fly for a longer time than drones of the same price or capacity.

What truly sets this drone apart from the rest is its programming features. Using a mobile programming app, the Tello Edu, users can perform a variety of movements by simply dragging and rearranging coding blocks through their smartphone. This feature is especially helpful to students, providing them a fun way to learn robotics programming. Advanced users, on one hand, may opt to develop apps through the Tello SDK. The DJI Tello comes with a flight controller you can easily use, letting you perform tricks in just a few screen taps and fly safely at long distances.

Flying Drones Under $700

Drones come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Now that this innovative machine has seeped its way into the mainstream commercial market, it is now easier to purchase a model that suits your budget. You can fly drones under $700 with the option to invest in larger models and obtain a flying licence in the future. Manufacturers are anticipating the needs of drone users, from the neophyte to the more advanced lot. DJI, Chasing, Parrot, Yuneec, Autel, Kespry and more brands have developed units that meet the expectations of different users. If you think it is time for you to join the drones camera bandwagon, you are welcome to visit Mobileciti anytime and purchase a unit from our selection.